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January 21, 2017

The SMILER 2018 Calendar competition

It's Chriiiiistmaaaaas....

posted by Mike Walton

It's Chriiiiistmaaaaas....Well at least Noddy Holder will be getting ready to shout this by the time the 2018 SMILER calendar is out ...and here is your chance to get involved and win a signed calendar in the process.

SMILER is well known for the many Star Readers we have had over the years..keep an eye on SMILER Facebook to be reminded of some of the amazing people who have over the years proudly displayed their copies of the best fanzine ever!

We at SMILER know our members are the real Star Readers, so this year we want you to send in pictures of any Star Readers you know, You can send in a picture of a celebrity or you can nominate someone you know as a star reader..or even just send a picture of yourself holding any of our 92 issues of SMILER

This year we will give out three prizes and Rod and Penny will choose our winners one for each category

1-The best celebrity Star Reader picture...You send in ANY celebrity you can get to hold a copy of SMILER

2- The best REAL Star Reader...Nominate anyone you know who is a real star, Tell us why they are a star and take a picture of them with their SMILER..and we will get Rod and Penny to choose a winner.

3-Just send a fun picture of yourself with your SMILER magazine and we will get Rod and Penny to choose a winner

All the best ones will get on Yve's 2018 montage that will be included in the calendar!!

So you have until the first time Noddy shouts It's Chriiiiistmaaaaas [Or August whichever comes first!!] to get your entries in...Good Luck !

Send your entries to me at
or Yve at

Photo Mike Walton

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