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March 9, 2017


Brand New Blog in SMILER Retro

posted by Mike Walton

Dan Perreira has posted a new blog in SMILER Retro...

With the release of FIVE GUYS... and YOU CAN MAKE ME DANCE... boxed sets, you would have thought by now, that just about every necessary and relevant Faces recording would be available on disc... Unfortunately, even with those two extensive collections that is still not the case. The loyal longtime Faces maniacs (and you know who you are!) are still searching for those obscure and elusive Faces related tracks and/or would love to have them all finally gathered up on a rarities package. So I wanted to see if I could come up with a four-disc set of hard to find tracks that would be worthwhile for the true collector as well as to be of real interest to the casual fan. Remaining unavailable are many single edited versions, studio outtakes (primarily from the Ooh La La sessions), and performed live but never recorded songs. These "scattered all over the place tracks" would greatly enhance and extend the Faces catalog in a very good way...

To read the rest of this blog and find out Dan's personal picks for a much needed third collection of necessary and scarce Faces tracks that need to be readily available on a boxed set go to SMILER Retro...and enjoy!

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