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February 18, 2015

Dee I owe you one

Valentines Day with Rod.. February 10 & 14 Reviews by Barbara Holland

posted by Mike Walton

The first show of this set that I attended was February 10 2015. My second show was February 14, 2015. The weather was beautiful about 75 degrees. The sun was shining I knew that this day would be a great one for me. I went to Caesars early to find our special gathering place was all ready. It looked great. Many fans meet here before and after the show to socialize. Due to the weather many flight’s got cancelled so fans were not able to make the trip. We are all planning to meet here again in Aug around the 8 and 9. If possible, hopefully we can have our fan club party then. It is so nice to see all the people who have the same feeling for Rod get together. We all have such a great time. We look forward to seeing each at the shows. Thanks to Rod he has brought us all together.

The show started and the arena was full. The crowd was now waiting for Rod Stewart. The curtain went up and the audience started to stand up and sing along. Rod was singing “Having a party”. He seemed to be in a great mood and was making a lot of jokes, he kept saying this is a great crowd for a Wednesday. We all said Rod.. Today is Tuesday!! But, to Rod it was Wednesday. It was all right with us it was so funny. Rod made a joke he said “He checks with the Caesars bartender to see how much the fans are drinking so he will know how the show will go. He then told us that he will be singing 19 songs, so sit back and enjoy the show.

After the opening of the show Rod’s daughter, Ruby came onto the stage to sing a song that she wrote for her dads 70th birthday. The song was called “Given me Mine”. She walked over to Rod and handed him a red rose and kissed him, it was nice. This day was Valentine’s Day of course. As Ruby was performing, I was dancing by my seat on the isle. Then I looked back into the audience and noticed that Ruby was standing right next to me, she was beautiful. She is a tall blonde with a nice voice; I hope to be going to see her someday on her own tour. Looking back behind me, I noticed that Penny was dancing and clapping, as Ruby sang the song to her dad. Then I waved to Penny. She seemed to be very happy. Then Rod and Ruby sang “Forever Young” together that was incredible.

Rod at one point had the girls singing “Proud Mary” which is one of Rod’s favorite songs. Dee was so amazing; I couldn’t wait for this part of the show to admire her dancing. She has such a great personality for this profession. She energizes the crowd to get up and sing and dance with her. I was pleased to have met her before. She has taken pictures with many of the fans. We all adore the band, they all are grand.

It was now time for Rod to do some slow songs. This Included “First cut is the deepest” and “Have I told you lately”. After sitting, it was time for Rod to take a stroll into the audience, with his band playing “Sweet little rock and roller”. He was greeting fans and shaking some people’s hands, he came through in his gold suit. Yes we love it Rod! Plus his leopard spotted socks.

Next up was 'Hot legs' the song I was waiting for. Rod then started kicking soccer balls out into the crowd. About 5 balls later it was my turn and I caught one. It will make my ball collection at home bigger. I was jumping up and down and I was so very happy. I want to keep coming back as long as my ball fits in my carry on; It stay's with me at all times.

Now it was time for “Maggie May” and someone through a scarf on the stage and Rod took it, and tied it around Janna’s neck as she was playing the violin; which she does fantastically. The curtain went down. Then Rod comes out to sing “Do you think I am sexy" with a black hat, black pant and a black shirt he looked great. As he was singing, I had a Rod Stewart book and was trying to get him to sign it for me but, he was bouncing all over the stage so it was hard to get his attention. Dee saw me as the curtain went down, she said open the book to the page and give it to me; so I did a few minutes later she came out with the book signed with a full page signature. Dee is not only Rod’s backup singer but, was my back up assistant for me in a time of need thank you Dee! from Barbara Holland. This is one show I will never forget.

February 25 2015

This was the last show of the set for February the doors opened at 6:30. I started walking over to the theater and noticed an usher standing at the box office handing out papers. I asked him what was going on, he said that the Rod Stewart show was canceled because, Rod was ill. I was not as upset as other were. I understood we all are human and get sick. I am very happy that Rod is making sure his voice is good to go for many more years. I hope you feel better Rod thanks for Tuesday night for my book and ball. Dee I owe you one thanks!

Barbara Holland NY forever fan

Review by Barbara Holland
Photos by Barbara Holland

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