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February 19, 2015

I’m lost in you..The gift you want to share

14/2/15 Caesars Palace review By Ginni Foxx

posted by Mike Walton

“I’M LOST IN YOU,” literally Mr. Stewart, as I was so excited about this concert that I forgot to write down the playlist, and for the reading audience, I do apologize. The concert began with “Having A Party,” and after that, this Rod fan was truly lost in watching Rod move the way that only “Rod Stewart” can move, and sing to his thrilled audience. He did not have to hold out his hands asking for applause or for everyone to stand up – we were ready for him and he entertained as only Rod Stewart can entertain. The curtain came up, the music began and so did the party.

I wish I could tell you about all of his outfits and about each song, but quite honestly, I was so mesmerized with this performance, I did nothing but song along and take pictures.
Rod, as always, was dressed to perfection, once again sporting, I believe, another pair of new shoes and socks at one point. I remember his being dressed all in black, in his gold suit (always with the flower on the lapel), his white jacket and black pants, but I was more taken than ever before with his grace on entering the stage and how he wove his web around the eager and enamored audience. He was totally at ease, sporting a beautiful, carefree smile and ladies and gentlemen, this 70-year old man can tear it up with his voice and his moves.

Hit after hit came rolling out with what appeared no effort and the time flew. After performing many songs, he introduced his beautiful daughter, Ruby, who sang the touching song she had written for her Dad’s 70th birthday, which actually brought me to tears. Rod commented after it was over how special it was to have a song written by his daughter for him. Ruby has truly come into her own right now, and she has the Stewart swagger and ability to work that audience, and she succeeded. Joining her Dad for the appropriate “Forever Young” it was as if time stood still as you watched father and daughter perform effortlessly and in unison.

The break brought Di Reed to tear it up with “Proud Mary,” as only Di Reed can do. She is amazing. The band was awesome as usual with Jimmy and Katja tearing it up with their performances.

Back on stage, Rod did his tribute to the troops and had a surprise when our friend, Angela Gordon, who had come all the way from Scotland, decided to join him on stage. Rod never missed a beat and Angela – well – she was simply awesome, even accompanying Rod and having her very own brief solo. For Angela Gordon, who we had dinner with after the show, this was a dream of a lifetime which had been nswered, and we were all so thrilled for her.

Our own Liz Williams from Wales was wooed by Jimmy “Saxman” Roberts, who gave her his drumsticks after one performance. Thinking that her evening could not possibly get any better, Rod came and gave Liz a football, and she has not recovered since.

During his slow set, Rod apologized for his voice, saying he had a night out with the boys on Friday, but quite honestly, I thought his voice was in top form. I watched him so carefully when he went out into the audience. The faces of his many standing fans, and Rod’s expression at seeing the appreciation and adoration on their faces is a memory I will keep with me always.

How blessed we are to have this dynamic man continue to perform and give his all for us. He uses his God-given talent to entertain us over and over, and we all continue to come from around the world to see him perform his magic.

The concert ended with the traditional kicking of the footballs and then a final curtain call and it was over. Or was it? No, when you watch Rod Stewart perform, you find yourself sitting back and replaying every magical moment over and over in your head. You quickly review the pictures on your camera and see how many of those magical moments you were able to capture to make time stand still. Then the gracious band members join you in Ramsey’s for another thrill of your life. It just doesn’t get any better.

This concert was filled with so much anticipation for me. It all started on November of 2014, when Joy Deltiempo and I met up with two lovely women who had traveled all the way from the United Kingdom by themselves to attend the concerts in Vegas, Tammy Southern from Liverpool, and Liz Williams from Wales. We became instant friends and secretly planned to attend this concert together on Valentine’s Day and started our countdown on the internet, which drove others quite crazy having no clue of what the daily countdown was all about. When day zero finally came, we each boarded a plane and headed to Vegas for a very tear-filled, hug-filled reunion.

I guess I am prejudiced, but I don’t know of another entertainer on the planet who has the gift of bringing people from all over the world together who form friendships that will last forever. Does he have any idea how many true, lasting friendships have come from meeting other “Rod Fans” at concerts?

I left Las Vegas on Monday with a stopover in Atlanta and then supposedly to come home to North Carolina – this was not to be. A huge ice storm hit North Carolina and I was not allowed to fly out for home until Wednesday. However, never the one towallow in pity, I was out and about in the hotel wearing my Rod Stewart hoodie when I encountered an elderly bellman from the hotel named Willie. He stopped me and struck up a conversation about how much he liked and admired Rod Stewart and it was once again on for me. We stood and talked for about 30 minutes and when I left him, I told him I had some gifts I had received at the concert which I would bring down to him when I came down again later on in the day. We parted and I immediately went upstairs and got out my VIP lanyard and Rod poster and took them down to Willie. He saw me coming and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. I handed him the items and he looked at me with a smile that I will always remember. He thanked me over and over again and I assured him that seeing the pleasure on his face was more than a reward for parting with these few treasures. His parting words to me were, “When you see Rod next, you tell him there is an old Black man who lives in Atlanta, Georgia who thinks he rocks.” As I was walking away, I heard Willie, as he was rushing up to the registration desk say, “Look what that lady just brought me from Rod Stewart,” with such excitement in his voice.

Rod brings out such joy in me and I love to share my treasures, my writings and my pictures. What is it to have something so special in your life and not want to share it with others? When you can give a small Rod item, and absolutely make a difference in a person’s life, as my having the ability to listen to Rod’s music and finally get to see him perform, has made a difference in my life that will be with me forever.

Rod is a gift that you want to share. “You don’t need no money, you just thank the Lord.”

Review by Ginni Foxx
Photos by Ginni Foxx
Collage designed by Tommy Kevitt

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