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March 7, 2015

Ronnie's artwork is useless

Say's motormouth Geldof

posted by Mike Walton

Bob Geldof, the motormouth millionaire former punk-turned-political activist, has described Ronnie Wood’s artwork as ‘useless’ and suggests Ronnie sticks to the day job.

‘Personally, I think Ronnie’s work is terrible,’ said Geldof,

‘Rock stars like Ronnie should stick to music, not painting. There are quite a few famous rock stars who do art, but I think Ronnie, Bob Dylan and all the rest — they are all useless.

‘I’m very much into art myself, but I wouldn’t go around saying I’m any good at painting. So why do rock musicians do it?

‘What makes them so convinced they will be any good as painters just because they are successful rock stars? I can’t see it.

‘I have tried painting and drawing myself, but I have no talent for it. I really don’t know a rock musician who has.’

Geldof was speaking at the recent launch of art critic Brian Sewell’s children’s book The White Umbrella.

It seems Nigel Dennis Cooper didn't agree with Geldof though, Nigel was jailed for eight weeks for brazenly walking out of a Mayfair gallery with one of Ronnie's paintings,

Audacious thief, Nigel, took the £8,750 painting - titled Dollar Sign - from its exhibition hook at the Castle Gallery last April.

Cooper had scouted the gallery out the previous day and returned to steal the picture.

But he was caught out when a member of staff chased him and found him hauling the painting down the street.

Cooper had not brought anything to conceal the painting and, instead of a getaway car, had brought a bicycle.

He was jailed for eight weeks at Southwark Crown Court last month for theft and breaching a conditional discharge.

At the Court of Appeal, his barrister, Piers Mostyn, argued that the term was too tough and should be reduced to allow him to walk free.

The crown court judge had been wrong to describe the theft of the painting as involving a 'high level of planning', Mr Mostyn told the court.

'Unusually for an item of this value, there was no security,' he said.

'This was a painting that simply could be lifted off the wall. This was a straightforward walk-in theft.'

But Mr Justice Edis, sitting with Lord Justice Fulford and Mr Justice Jay, said just because it was not sophisticated did not mean it was not planned.

'The judge's decision not to suspend the sentence does not render the resulting sentence manifestly excessive,' he said.

The appeal was dismissed.

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