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January 16, 2015

Forever Young

Fancy a Beer for Rod's Birthday

posted by Mike Walton

Nutbrook Brewery in Nottingham have produced a special brew to celebrate Rod's 70th Birthday and are offering UK SMILER members a chance to buy a bottle, Rod has been sent a few bottles of the Forever Young brew to try on his return to the UK, but you can try a bottle now, although they only have a very limited amount! Unfortunately due to customs regulations they can only send out to members in the UK

But all SMILER members are able to buy the Forever Young beer pump clips and Nutbrook have also had some more of the Blondes Have More fun pump clips that were made for our last SMILER gathering done as the last batch sold out, they have also produced a coaster for each of the two brews.

The bottles of beer are £4 plus £3.50 postage and packing
and the coasters and pump clips are £2.50 plus £1.20 postage and packing

You can pay by paypal direct on

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