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August 29, 2016

“ Hot Summer Nights “

With Rod Stewart - Vegas review by Barbara Holland

posted by Mike Walton

I got three tickets to see Rod Stewart in Las Vegas, August 17, 20 & 21. I was excited because I had a seat in the second row next to the stage. The night of first show, I received a phone call at my room informing me that Rod cancelled the tonight’s show.

On August 20, I meet up with 2 of my friends from NY, who had tickets to the same show. We were very excited about the show and hoping it would not be canceled. Rod came out wearing his gold jacket and it looked terrific on him. He seemed to be a little under the weather, but in a great mood. He said to the audience that was sorry for cancelation of Wednesdays’ show. Thru out the night Rod sang 19 songs, some were “Can’t stop me now”, Maggie May”, “Rolling and tumbling” and many more. During the show Rod ask people to join him on stage. Maureen and I ran on stage to sit with Rod. Maureen sat next to him and I sat next to him, with my hand on his knee, while he sang “Down town train”. When I left the stage, I said to Rod thank you for allowing me to be part of your show. While he sang “Hot Legs” he kicked soccer balls out into the audience and my girl friend Maureen got a ball. After the show we went to Gordan Ramseys’ restaurant hoping to see if Rod would show up. Rod did not show, so I had to settle for a picture with Gordan himself. While I was in the restaurant I met Di Reed, I ask her if she could sign a picture of herself for my boss, who is in love with her and she signed it “shake it baby shake it love Di”.

Sunday August 21, is the 128 show in Las Vegas for Rod. Before show a number of us went to the Rod Stewart Store to buy Rod stuff, we cleaned out the store. Rod started with “Soul Finger” to a full house. During his show, his wife Penny stood up and took pictures of Rod. During the show he had a slip of the tongue; he said he was sorry for saying the word. During the sit down part, Rod said he was going to do something different. He was going to fill an empty chair on stage with people from the audience and they had to sing with him. There were 3 people on all. While Rod was singing his last song “Sexy”, I got his attention and he came over and signed a book for me.

On Aug 26 2016 I took a 4 hour ride to see Rod at the Sands Bethlehem Casino in Pennsylvania, The show was great even thought I was in 26 row, just to hear him sing Rod was great. During the show he said he time to visit the Old Steel Mill and hopes that’s they never take it down.

Thank you Sir Rod

New York Forever Fan Barbara Holland

Pictures by Barbara Holland
Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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