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August 29, 2016

“ Hot Summer Nights “

With Rod Stewart Tribute artists Review by Barbra Holland

posted by Mike Walton

August 5,2016 was a beautiful summer night, my girl friend Maureen and I decided that we would take a road trip , “As she calls it”, to New Hyde Park, NY. We were going to see “The Rod Stewart Experience” show. Rick St James is known as the “dynamic Rod” his band and him were really good. When you are in the first row, the experience is great listening to him and the band. Rick’s set list consisted of “Hot legs”, “Tonight’s the Night”, “Maggie May” and “Forever Young” to name a few. As the show was about to end, Maureen and I had the pleasure of meeting Rick St James and Alan St John, Alan is great on the keyboard. Maureen told Alan that we were going out to Las Vegas to see 3 of Rod Stewart shows. Rick was telling us about the members of his band, some had worked for Rod, Ozzy, Vanilla Fudge and many more. Rick and his band are a great bunch of guys. The first time I saw Rick St James was in New York back on January 30, 2016, where we were in first row and the show was great. My passed two experiences were great and I will try to see him as often as I can.

On August, 14 2016, my 3 friends and I were on our way to Glen Cove, NY to see a well Know Rod Stewart Tribute artist Rick Larrimore. It seems that every tribute artist is named Rick? Ha-ha. The trip started out with a little bit of gloom. The sky was darkening, the night was hot and steamy and there was a threat of thunder storms. We had to get to the show early to help Rick set up, But as usual “wrong way Maureen” got us lost. The funny thing about this, she is a school bus driver. When she drops the children off at school, she gives them late notes. We finally got there and started to set up chairs for the show. Rick looked over to us and said hi girls and then started to sing “Stay with me”, we knew this was for us. He sang 3 songs and then it started to rain, the wind was picking up, things stated to blow around. It got so bad that his tent started to blow down, people were running for cover. The rain came down so hard; he had to cancel the show. As a great performer as Rick is, he quick changed into a bathing suit and came out with a inflatable microphone and sang to 2 people sitting in the rain.

Review by Barbra Holland
Photos by Barbra Holland
Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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