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October 21, 2016

Brand new blog in SMILER Retro

Blondes Have More Fun Dissected by Dan Perreira,

posted by Mike Walton

"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" was dropped like a bomb on an unsuspecting fan-base on November 10, 1978, two weeks before BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN would hit stores. "Sexy" would go on to become a huge worldwide sensation and top the charts in several countries. But, This was definitely a "new" incarnation of Rod... Nothing could have prepared the established Rod fan from the Mercury/Faces years for this release, that's for sure! ("Your Insane" from the previous album being the sole hint that Rod was heading into the disco-pop direction big time)."Sexy" was far away from Rod's original blues-oriented rock roots with it's disco-flavored arrangement and trite lyrics (what tarty times the late 70's were),and as a direct result Rod lost a large portion of his male audience... when you hear Rod sing "Sugar" it's hard not to cringe at least a little bit. Still, there's no denying the catchiness of the song ,the disco crowd absolutely loved it,no doubt about it,but the vast majority of his long-time "rock" fans hated it with equal amounts of passion (sadly,"Sexy" is now probably Rod's most well known song,surpassing even "Maggie May"!).

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