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September 12, 2016

A blast from the past for Sir Rod Stewart

Paramount Huntington New York August 30th 2016 Review by Barbara Holland

posted by Mike Walton

Rod Stewart surprised us Long Islanders by appearing at the Paramount venue in Huntington New York on Aug. 30, 2016. The Paramount is bringing in legendary arena artists from the entertainment world to perform in an intimate setting. Rod was the first performer to start the legendary series at the Paramount. Rod was quoted “This reminds me of a place I used to play when I was 17”. He appeared to be enjoying himself and the audience.

I just got back from seeing Rod in Las Vegas and also Pennsylvania. I was coming home from my trip to rest, that was not the case to my surprise. A friend of mine Joni offered me a ticket. She asked if I wanted it, which was a no brainer. I was off and running again for my 4th Rod show in 2 weeks. This show was only 20 minutes away from my house. The evening started off great; we walk around the town and met some members of Rods band.

The doors were to open at 6:00 PM, so we arrived early to ensure we get good seats and may be see Rod. The seats were up in the sky bar which was really not where I was use to sitting. I said to my girl friend Madeline, I don’t like it up here; we are usually in the 2nd row. She said I feel the same, Madeline and Annette were sitting looking down at the stage. I said look the seat are calling us. Ha Ha. Annette took a walk by the bar to check the seating by the stage.

Rod opened with Soul finger, he was wearing his gold jacket. Rod seemed to be in a really great mood and he looked great as always. The venue only had about 1000 seats so the view was terrific anywhere you sat. At one point Madeline said to me “let’s go to meet Annette she is down stairs by the bar, so off we went to the bar by the stage. The three of us decided that we would join our friend Joni in 3rd row. She Said to us “how did you get here”, I said “walked, there was empty seats waiting for us”. We had floor seats from the 2nd song, till the last song. Rod was surprised to see us again. Well after 4 times in 2 weeks, I guess he must think he is seeing things. Di Reed was singing and she noticed me. I waved to her and she gave me the thumbs sign and I was in heaven. I just got back from meeting her in Vegas at Gordon’s restaurant. She is fantastic. She is a lovely person to talk too. Rod noticed what Di was doing and he gave me a nod. Rod sang about 18 songs, “Sexy” being the last. Madeline threw her Celtic hat to Rod and he grabbed the hat and held it, She was happy. Special keep sake from the show, was my ticket that I received it, was made of wood, I love it .I want to thank my dear friends Madeline, Annette and Joni for making this all happen. It is so great how the fans all look out for each other.

Thanks you Sir Rod for coming to Long Island

Love NY Forever Fan Barbara Holland

Review By Barbara Holland
Photos By Barbara Holland
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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