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August 15, 2016

Penny Lancaster talks exclusively to HELLO! about Rod's knighthood

In this weeks HELLO! Magazine..On sale now

posted by Mike Walton

Penny Lancaster talks exclusively to HELLO! about Rod's knighthood

"I used to get called Lady Penelope at school because the other kids thought I spoke nicely," Penny, 45, tells HELLO!. "After the news [of Rod's knighthood] broke, the driver that takes us into London would say to me, 'Evening, me Lady,' and I would reply jokingly, 'London please, Parker.'"

Sir Rod tells HELLO! of his knighthood, "I feel very lucky." Now happily settled in their new UK home, an 18th century English estate in Essex, the couple also reveal they plan to renew their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary next year - something they already did privately when they moved into their new house.

"I wanted the priest to bless the house because I felt there was a lot of history and old spirits there: we wanted to say thank you to the old and welcome in the new. So we walked into the garden, under the largest oak tree there, and we said our vows again, just Rod, myself and the priest. It was beautiful."

To read the full interview see the new issue of HELLO! Magazine on sale now.

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