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February 1, 2016

The Rod Experience

“The Rod Stewart Alumni Band” 3oth January 2016 review

posted by Mike Walton

Last night Maureen and I attended a show in Hauppauge, New York called the Rod experience. The members of the band were Rick St. James as the Dynamic Rod Stewart who has performed with Foreigner, Elo 2 Fleetwood Mac, Twisted Sister and Joe Walsh. On the drums the magnificent Carmine Appice, who was Rod Stewart’s drummer during 1976-1982 as well as Vanilla Fudge, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Beck and Cactus. Paul Warren, a long time band favorite of many was Rod's guitarist from 1999-2014 and has also played with Tina Turner, Joe Cocker and Richard Marx. Danny Johnson, also a guitarist for Rod's band; he also played with Alice Cooper Steppenwolf and Rick Derringer. What a line up already! Next on the agenda was Kenny Aaronson on bass, who has toured with Foghat, Bob Dylan, Billy Idol and Hall and Oats. Alan St. John was on Keyboard, he has toured with Billy Squire, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent and Foreigner. Last but not least was the fantastic sax player.

As the show was about to start the MC came out, and introduced the band to the audience. He had a good sense of humor. It was time for our stripper Intro song and we were all ready rearing to go.

At the back of the stage was a screen showing interesting facts that Carmine had written, about him and Rod over years. We really enjoyed reading about this. As the opening song, “Hot Legs” got underway everyone was singing along with Rick St. James. “Sweet Little Rock and Roller” was next.

When Rick St. James sang Passion, he sang it from his heart. He was very good. He had nice moves just like Rod. He changed outfits a few times. He wore a black jacket that looked great on him.

AT one point there was a 15 minute intermission. During the intermission, Maureen asked Carmine if he would sign her picture. He said of course after the show. Then the show continued; it was great watching all the guys on stage, we were taking pictures and having a great time. The highlight of the show was when; Carmine starting doing a drum solo that was fantastic as we remembered how he used to be. It would be great to see Rod sing a song with his old band members in Vegas.

As the show was about to come to an end, all the band members stood in front of the audience in a line to take a bow. We were all standing up and applauded them. What a great show it was! We hope there will be more shows like this in the future.

The time came for Maureen and I to have our pictures signed by Carmine. He came to the end of the stage and handed Maureen a drum stick. I told him I was writing a review for SMILER, and he then handed me one too! Maureen asked Carmine if he would sign his picture for our dear friend, Rick Larrimore who is also a Rod Stewart tribute artist. He said of course. Rick hopes that one day Carmine would get the chance to come and see one of his shows. Rick has been a very big fan of Carmines for years.

Not only did we have our pictures signed, but we got the pleasure to talk to Carmine and Paul for a while. They were very nice guys. Carmine was telling us about his new book that was coming out in the spring of 2016; called “Stick it” we hope that he will have book signing. Paul Warren gave us each two picks, when Paul gave me mine he said, I used this one I even broke it. Then he pulled one pick out from his pocket and gave it too Maureen, he said “you get the pretty one.” Maureen then had one more surprise to show the guys, she had a Tattoo of Rod on her chest. Carmine said, “Wow you really are a die hard fan.” This was a great birthday weekend, Thanks Carmine for signing our drum sticks. And thanks to Paul for the pick. We will treasure them forever.
New York's Forever Fans Barbara Holland and Maureen Gales

And look at this for a fantastic set list..

Tonight’s the Night
Blondes have more fun
Young Turks
You’re in my Heart
Maggie may
You keep me hanging on
I just wanna make love
Blues solo
People get Ready
Do you think I’m sexy?
Stay with me

Pictures by Barbra Holland
Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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