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January 5, 2016

Katja Rieckermann won't be touring with Rod

New challenges ahead

posted by Mike Walton

Katja Rieckermann has left Rod's band after 14 years, she let fans know the news today via social media saying..

As the new year begins I am sad to announce that I won't be touring with Rod Stewart anymore. It's been 14 years - the best time of my life! I am extremely grateful for that time! THANK YOU, ROD!!!! I have traveled the world and got to play with an iconic rock star and some of the best musicians in the world who also became some of my best friends. Not to mention the sweet fans that have supported me in my solo career and helped me making a great record. I am excited to take on a new challenge and try to get my own band on the road. Let's make 2016 count!!!!

The SMILER team would like wish Katja all the best in her future ventures.

Photo Yve Paige

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