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July 13, 2015

Confederation Hill Music Festival in St. Johns

And a visit to Always in Vogue

posted by Mike Walton

Rod headlined the first ever Confederation Hill Music Festival in St. Johns Newfoundland Canada on Saturday also on the bill were the Goo Goo Dolls, Sass Jordan, The Navigators and Timber.

Ticket sales were limited to 18,000, but there's no official attendance count for Saturday night's show. It turned out to be really cold so earlier in the day Rod payed a visit to St. John's family owned store Always in Vogue and kitted out some of his band members in cashmere capes to help them keep warm.

"It was just an ordinary morning and then one of the drivers, a local driver that takes the bands around, came into our store and he approached me and asked me if I would be interested in fitting the girls up for some warmer jackets, because it's colder here today and they hadn't travelled with any jackets or anything like that," said Darren Halloran of Always in Vogue.

Darren told SMILER that Rod also came along to the fitting and tried on one of the stores seal jackets and had a photo taken, Rod stayed in the store for about 40 minutes and hand-picked the red cashmere capes himself.

Rod personally offered Darren six passes to the Confederation Hill concert, After the show Darren told SMILER "Rod was such a gentleman and treated us like absolute gold. We are huge fans and he lived up to everything we expected,"

Rod's concert rider was organised by Heather McKinnon his requests for his stay included a low-fat, high protein milk and a traditional tea service . Heather improvised and grabbed her mother's 65-year-old China set!

Main photos Thanks to Darren Halloran for more information on Always in Vogue go to

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