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May 4, 2015

Two great Rod sculptures

70's and 80's Rod by George Mark

posted by Mike Walton

George Mark is a sculptor living in the West of Scotland who sells, and exhibits his work locally and internationally.
Before turning to sculpture he previously qualified from Glasgow College of Building and Printing with distinction as a traditional Signwriter/maker producing highly decorative work through out the country, specialising in gilding work.

Nowadays as a sculptor he works in various clays Terracotta and earthenware and as a result all pieces of his work are individually unique. Recently a new area of work has been framed relief work adapting the ancient Greek art to a modern theme.

Along with this new area of work he has had a number of successful years producing portrait, figurative and sports sculpture to commission, selling through galleries and privately.

George has produced these two fantastic sculptures from different decades, he told SMILER

"These two sculpture's of Rod are inspired by memories of my youth in which Rod and his music played a big part, I have tried to create two likenesses one from the seventies and one from the eighties they are sculpted in earthenware clay and glazed with a unique bronze mixture they both stand about 16 inches tall, Hope you all like them!"

For more information on the Rod sculptures and George's other work go to

Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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