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May 2, 2015

Faces reunion

Ronnie say's it could be on.. but not for the money

posted by Mike Walton

Is this the moment we have all been waiting for: official confirmation of a Faces reunion nearly 50 years after the band formed.

And a reunion between Rod, Ronnie Wood,and Kenney Jones is one step closer to happening - if their management can agree on the finances.

Ronnie has said he thought a reunion tour between the three would be “brilliant”, after a one-off impromptu performance at Rod's 70th birthday.

Speaking at a public Q&A in front of fans, to publicise his new diaries, Ronnie said he wanted to simply “get together and play for people”.

Ronnie was joined on stage by DJ Bob Harris and his dog Dolly, And told the audience at the Ambassadors Theatre in London he was keen to get the surviving members of the band back together after the death of Ian McLagan.

When asked if he would ever work with Rod Stewart and Kenney Jones again, he spoke about having to deal with Rod's management.

"[They] make everything about money and we're trying not to do that," Wood said. "Why can't the three surviving guys from the Faces just get together and play for people?”

To cheers from the audience, he added: “That's what we want to try and do. I think that would be brilliant."

Ronnie was promoting his book, How Can It Be? A Rock and Roll Diary.

A special edition of the book, his real-life diary from the year 1965, is out in June.

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