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August 4, 2015

Las vegas 1st August Review By Karen Chande

It's very dry here - not dry alcohol-wise of course!

posted by Mike Walton

Tonight's show opened with Having A Party as Rod came out in black pants, yellow jacket, white shirt with blue and black striped tie. Next up was It's A Heartache. After that Rod welcomed his audience, saying this was the 105th show here at the Palace and that he wasn't in particularly good voice because the dry weather here seems to have taken it's toll, it's very dry here - not dry alcohol-wise of course but he does hope we've had a drink, it is Saturday night, enjoy, and if we can help him by singing along because of his injured voice he would be happy and this next song is You Wear It Well. He got everyone clapping along at the start of the song. After that was Tonight's The Night.

The next song I was very pleased to hear in the lineup tonight was "Can't Stop Me Now" which Rod introduced saying this next one was on the last album about his early days in show business when he was 17 or 18 and how he wasn’t getting anywhere with the record companies because they didn’t like his hair, his nose or his clothes but says he did get there in the end. He dedicated the song to his dear Dad, Bob Stewart who never gave up on him and gave him support. You can see he really enjoys performing this song, with a little microphone stand action in parts like the old days. As he finished the song, he took off his yellow jacket and tossed it on the stage steps behind. The next song I was also happy to hear was Some Guys Have All The Luck. By now, Rod is settled in casually, less formal with half his shirt pulled out of his pants and hanging down, love it! Next was the dedication to all our troops and there's a message on the screens if we watch.Then Rhythm Of My Heart begins.

Next Rod introduced his daughter Ruby - at no expense to our ticket price - saying some of us have seen her sing here and now she has teamed up with a friend Alyssa Bonagura (got her name correct tonight!) and they call themselves The Sisterhood, so to please welcome The Sisterhood. Ruby and Alyssa came out and Ruby took the microphone to welcome everyone saying it was great to be here. She said they wrote and recorded this song themselves. Alyssa said this was their third show ever. They said they felt so lucky and honored to be here. Ruby said the song is called Tenderize My Heart and that her sister has a reality show coming out called Stewart Hamiltons and this is actually the title song from it and they were super excited about it. They did a great job singing it with Alyssa on guitar, some of Rod's band and Ruby free to sing and walk over to each side of the stage engaging the audience as her dear 'ole Dad does.

Afterward, Rod came out, Alyssa left and Rod and Ruby sang Forever Young. When they returned after the drum/band solo, Rod is now changed into a bright pink jacket and pants and white shirt with black polka dots. After they finished the song, Ruby left and Rod said it's acoustic guitar session now. The stage hands set up the chairs and as Rod sat down, he said we could sit now and that oh we were already sitting. He said the one thing he wishes - he loves Caesar's Palace but he wishes the seats weren't so comfortable and that they’ve been out on the road and the people are up standing, singing, shouting, dancing and having a good time but we are always sitting. He asked if the heat had gotten to us in the day (in a kind, caring way) and said it's hot here. Just as First Cut Is The Deepest begins, a man in the audience shouts out, "we love you, rocking Rod!" After the song, Rod says there must surely be some British people in the audience (to which there was some cheering) and that he usually doesn’t do this next song but they love it and he does it for his fellow countrymen. Rod says, "Take it away Ginger!" as “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” begins. Rod says the next song was one of the best love songs in the rock & roll era and says take it away...whoever brings it in, and then turns to Chuck on keyboards and acts embarrassed at his forgetfulness. Have I told You Lately begins and is the last song in the acoustic set.

As the stage hands begin removing the chairs, Rod says he’s going to go on a bit of a wander and starts out tonight on the other side in section 2 into the audience with a fan right away getting a picture taken with him. He worked his way around the back and across to Sweet Little Rock & Roller and back up onto the stage. Then the ladies took over with Proud Mary. Next Rod comes out in all black attire and the ladies in matching black fringe dresses. You're In My Heart is next to a great audience response, especially from the Celtic supporters present and great singing along. After that, the funny videos on the screen and then Stay With Me for the soccer ball kickoff. It's fun to see Rod at close range kicking out the balls as well as handing them to people up against the stage and see the joy he brings with his special gift unique to him as a performer. Afterward he said they had one more and it was the always popular Maggie May. There was great audience response with people on their feet singing and dancing. The curtain comes down and quickly back up for Do You Think I'm Sexy. Rod works his way to both sides of the stage to engage audience members and even got down on the stage floor to sign a picture. Conrad and Jimmy had their solos in the middle of the song and there was lots of fun with Rod and the band tossing the balloons out to the audience. It was a great two shows and again I say thank you Rod, especially for coming out to do the shows when he felt he was having trouble with his voice. See you next "Time"!

Review By Karen Chande
Photo By Karen Chande

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