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August 4, 2015

Las Vegas 31st July Review by Karen Chande

Merry Christmas from Rod and The Sisterhood

posted by Mike Walton

The show opened tonight with This Old Heart Of Mine as Rod entered wearing a white jacket and shirt, black tie and pants. The backup singers wore pretty yellow fringe dresses. Having A Party was next. I love the way Rod comes over to the sides of the stage to greet his guests during the non-singing parts in the song early on in the show. At the introduction to the audience, Rod said it was his 104th Vegas show which means he's sung these songs 104 times except this next one which he's only sung 3 times and the Motown Song began. Tonight's The Night was next and then You Wear It Well. Rod then removed his jacket and placed it on the stage steps behind and started rolling up his sleeve saying he’s rolling up his sleeves, two sleeves, one on each arm. (He’s so funny!) He then dedicated the next song to the troops, 'Our veteran soldiers, God bless them, we wouldn’t be here enjoying ourselves without them' He told the crowd to pay attention to the message on the screens.. Rhythm of My Heart began.

Afterward, the stage hands brought out microphones as Rod said and now a special event, some of us have seen his daughter Ruby sing here and she has her own group called The Sisterhood and they were going to sing tonight. Ruby came out in a long red dress and her hair cut shorter along with the other girl, Alyssa, whose last name Rod pronounced wrong. (Sounded like he said Candelabra) After he left, Ruby corrected him and Alyssa said that was a good one she hadn’t heard before and had a nice laugh. They performed a song called Tenderize My Heart. Ruby walked to both sides of the stage during the song. When Rod came back, he joked saying that Alyssa’s name should have been written on the cue card and he wouldn't have made that mistake. Alyssa left the stage after Rod gave her a hug and Rod and Ruby then performed Forever Young together. When Rod returned after the band/drum solo, now in his silver suit, he had the band stop playing for a second so he could show off his attire.

The chairs were then brought out and Rod said it was time for some acoustic stuff and to use our very expensive seats to sit our bottoms on, or go take a break, have a pee, make a phone call, get a glass of wine, they’ll still be there! He then introduced the first song saying this song was band by the BBC in the mid-70's due to the delicate subject of homosexuality. The band then began performing The Killing of Georgie. After a brief start, Rod had the band stop playing, saying they “F”-ed up and they restarted the song. Afterward, Rod mentioned about a Faces reunion and that there were five of them but only three of them are left, unfortunately. They lost Ian McLagan and Ronnie Lane but there was still talk of a reunion and were in fact going to have a small reunion in London on Sept. 5. They then performed Ooh La La.

Next the local orchestra came out and got situated and then played First Cut Is The Deepest. The last song in the acoustic set was Have I Told You Lately.
The chairs were removed from the stage and before Rod descended the steps out into the audience, he went over to take a sip of wine wishing us a Merry Christmas saying he won’t be seeing us before then. As he came down the steps in the front, a woman offered him a beautiful bouquet of flowers as he was passing by. He seemed ready to take them but probably realizing he couldn't as he was going to be out amongst the crowd performing, he said he would get them later. Once he and a few band members were well out to the back of the front orchestra, Sweet Little Rock 'N Roller began and they moved across the back as Rod shook hands and then back up to the stage. Next he introduced the ladies "soul time" for Proud Mary. When he returned in all black attire, it was time for You're In My Heart. As he was on the side of the stage in section 2, someone had put leopard print underwear on the stage. Rod picked it up and held it up to much laughter from the audience. He eventually tucked it into his pant pocket as he walked back over to center stage. When the funny videos began, Rod placed the underwear on the stage floor beneath the screen and was toying with it leaving a hesitation before the start of Stay With Me for the soccer ball kickoff.

I was realizing by now that the greatly anticipated Love Is wasn't going to make an appearance in tonight’s show, I had been so looking forward to hearing it live! During Maggie May, the lady in the front who had been trying to give Rod the flowers earlier as he came into the audience for Sweet Little Rock & Roller threw the bouquet up onto the stage. Rod picked them up and held them during part of the song. After the song was over, the curtain came down and then back up again for Do You Think I’m Sexy. During the song, a lady in the audience came up onstage with a marker asking Rod if he could please autograph her leg. I was glad the guards let her have her moment as Rod obligingly did so and it was touching to see her with tears of disbelief and happiness in her eyes. I think much of the audience was feeling her excitement. Once the balloons descended down to the stage, Rod was having fun hitting them out into the audience. He also posed for a picture a man near me was taking. The man seemed to be struggling with getting the picture and Rod checked with him if he got it. I don't know if he did, but I did!

Review By Karen Chande
Photos By Karen Chande

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