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July 20, 2015

Atlanta Verizon Wireless Amphitheater 15th July

Reviews by Vicky Phillips Marrow and Lori Register

posted by Mike Walton

Vicky's Tail

Long Work Days, Storms, Emergency Room, & Rod……….all in about 76 hours…………… Also I now know the reason it is sometime called HOT-lanta. July 15, 2015

This adventure almost never got started. I am changing jobs and have been working long hours and have been zonked. For Steve, we have had hellish storms roll through and he is in the field of maintaining radio communications for a large local entity; lightning bolts are not “friends”. Steve came home from work on Tuesday and said, I’m not sure what to do......I am thinking he means the next round of weather due that night and the
potential impact of him not getting to go to the show (I had been fretting about this since Sunday) I looked at him and he says I think I need to go to the ER......... Holy S**T, I was not expecting that, so off we went and were there for 4.5 hours. They ruled out heart issues, but he has pancreatitis. When I went to bed at 1:00am on Wednesday, I had no clue how Wednesday night was going to turn out. About 10am Steve decided that with the pain meds and the very little food he was allowed to eat he'd rather feel crappy at the show than feel crappy and be at home (while I wanted him to be able to go, I knew it was supposed to be kinda hot and that was a concern to me) the trooper that he is, he went... he did well and then rested when we got home on Thursday afternoon. He feels better but it will take a while.

At this point I want to give a HUGE and SINCERE thank you from Steve and I to Dawn Cobble, her sister, Sonja Jackson and Sharon Liles for saying I could ride shotgun if Steve couldn’t go and then for being our chariots getting us to Atlanta, to the show, and back home. We will never forget your concern and kindness.

When we got to the venue I didn’t know what the temperature was but it was hot and humid, a typical summer night in the south. Ick!

I was very excited to see (for sale) the T-shirt of Rod reading the newspaper with the British Flag in the background; I have been on the hunt for that shirt for 2 years. While waiting in line to purchase the shirt, a nice woman and teenager approach me to enquire where they could purchase a Celtic Jersey like I had on. I told them mine was a gift and came from Scotland, but they could be purchased thru the Celtic Superstore or eBay..... I noticed they had guest badges on and I asked about them... the woman said they were related to one of Rod's band members. I said which one, and they said the trumpet player. I told them to tell Anne they met ME and to tell her I said hi and that I have met her a few times and she is always so very nice. I then pulled The HAT out of my waist band... and told a quick story of THE HATS…....we had a good laugh... After Richard Marx finished, Kristine and Lauren came to see me at my seat, I asked Lauren (Anne’s niece) if she would let me take a picture of her wearing THE HAT. I am still laughing that they picked me out of the crowd to ask about the Celtic jersey and where to buy one!!!!

Got to meet some Rod Fans in person whom I have corresponded with over the past few years and also renew old friendships. For me these days, this is a big part of going to the shows; some of these friendships were formed decades ago, all starting from the mutual passion for Rod’s music and evolving into solid friendships. When we do finally get to meet in person, we feel like we have already met. I say it every time, the strong bonds among us continue to amaze me and touch my heart and soul.

Richard Marx put on a good show; there are more songs in his catalog that I remembered once he started playing them. I never knew Don Kirkpatrick played with him before Rod and it was exciting to see Don come out and play a song with Richard.

Next thing I knew THE MUSIC was starting…………… the band took to the stage and then out came Rod in the silver jacket and singing Infatuation. It is a fav of mine and the video is Steve’s fav.

With the stark temperature and humidity contrast to the shows last week in Canada, it had to be MISERABLE for them. I bet they felt like they were in a sauna!!!! I was miserable in the audience, not performing under the bright lights.

About 3 songs in, Rod told the guys in the band to take their jackets off and I think he said that was the first time ever. I believe the jackets were off in 3 seconds flat! I imagine that Rod and every single band member took a cold shower that night and it was probably the best shower they have ever had……. Rod quipped at one point; “I don’t know why I bothered to do me hair.”

Rod’s voice was in top form and he started out in good spirits, but those who have seen him a number of times could tell that the minor technical difficulties during the show combined with the heat put a damper on his spirit at times. It was kind of like looking at your spouse when they get home from work and deciding that you didn’t need to ask how their day was…. The body language tells the story. Rod is a top notch performer, so I know the masses didn’t see any of this (I don’t even see it as I am looking at some of the videos that have been posted), but at the show I so badly wanted to give him a cold glass of water.

Security was overly strict about where we stood. We had to stand in front of our seats, not next to them or in an aisle..... and we were all getting along fine, no one was complaining...... On a positive note, before the show Steve sat down and one of the guards chatted with him (I was in line getting the shirt) and the told her he was sick, she got him a bottle water and said if he began feeling poorly, he should not hesitate to ask for help and 3/4 into the show she came and asked if he need another water... But they were like guard dogs keeping us tethered to our seats.

After Rod dropped the F-bomb (I think it was when his ear buds malfunctioned), he mentioned Alistair was there and apologized. I hope one day to meet Alistair and get to also thank him for making THE HATS so famous.

Rod performed “Love Is” !!! The lyrics tell a beautiful story and the music gets you going. I think it was well received and the performance was like they have been doing it for years. I, on the other hand, must brush up on the lyrics before Vegas. I cannot wait for Another Country to be released.

I miss Ruby singing Forever Young with her dad.

Have I mentioned it was HOT???

Well, I missed the stage on the first launch of THE HAT. It fell in the security area between the barrier and the stage. Steve asked security to get it and give it back; I was shocked that they did. He then tossed it and it landed on stage and J’Anna smiled at me. Rod never saw it or if he did I am sure he was thinking WTF it is 3000 degrees Fahrenheit up here, I am not going near that woolly HAT. Kimmi took it off stage and Steve got yelled at by security for throwing it........ Here is what Kimmi has posted on my facebook profile pic about THE HAT. “I gave it to our wardrobe mistress! She takes all of the gifts that are thrown on stage and gives it to him after the show! I didn't want it to get stepped on or forgotten! I placed it in good hands!”

Lori Moran got her first football. Rod pitched it right to her, she was VERY excited. It is a lot of fun to watch a true fan get their first ball. A few other fans and friends of mine snagged one too. The fellow next to me (not Steve) got one too (not intending to sound greedy, but yes I muttered RATS under my breath).

During Sexy Steve held up our “C U in Vegas” sign. Rod pointed, smiled, and nodded.....

Years ago, I was totally focused on Rod as soon as he took to the stage; over the recent years I have seen that every person on stage puts their own spin on the entire show. I am sure I missed a lot back in the day just focusing on Rod, but now I don’t know where to look as there is A LOT of entertainment going on up there.

Thanks again to our caring friends, to Rod and the band for a great night, and to the Good Lord being with us. As the sign said “C U in Vegas” and I am praying that the air conditioning is working properly at the Colosseum.

Lori's Tail

Rod was amazing as usual and happy to see the crowd before him as always but as the show progressed you can just tell something was bothering him I don't think the crowd suspected anything but when you are in tune with him after so many years of his shows you start to understand his moments as he tried to joke about the heat you could tell it was really effecting him he joked about traveling north and it being so cold he had to buy a jacket and now it was so hot its like being in a sauna.

I always enjoy Rod's shows but the security really ruins it for us when they force there hands and make you stay in your seat, I was reprimanded quite a few times and threatened I would be thrown out if I didn't get in my seat, but I never ventured more then a foot away. when Rod tossed out the balls security came at me with both arms out forcing me to stand down and go to my seat, I was so upset because Rod motioned for me to come to the stage, this was the highlight of my night and she ruined my moment for a ball..

I was excited that Rod sang his new song Love is, as I had hoped this was going to be on his set list so I was thrilled. I also ended up sitting next to Alistair and was really glad to interact with him its a shame his baby sitters wouldn't allow him to take a photo with me but I was happy I was able to get a few candid shots of him and make a video of him dancing to Proud Mary, I gave him my leopard scarf and he flashed me his big smile that made my day.

When Rod was kicking out his balls he tossed one straight to Alistair and Alistair turned to me and my friend Paula with a wide smile and wanted to toss the ball over in our direction but his babysitters told him No and made him toss the ball in another direction further down the arena we were very disappointed as that would have been so amazing for us but just the thought was so special.

I really enjoyed meeting the Facebook friends I have been chatting with about Rod for the past few years it was nice to finally meet in person I wish we could have stayed together longer as I really enjoyed myself.

The morning had started out on a ruff note for me as on my way to get to the show my 17 yr old daughter was driving and we were involved in a bad accident on I75 north in crisp county totaling my truck after two 18 wheeler s forced us into a fish-tale,she couldn't recover from, it sent us straight into a 6 ft brick wall. we spent the next 6 hours being towed to our hotel 300 miles My daughter suffered minor injuries from blunt trauma to her ear/jaw after smashing her face into the steering column and being covered in flying broken glass when the windows blew out, but she didn't want to ruin my night to see Rod, and insisted on postponing her ER visit till the show was over.. this was one night I will never forget.

Rod photos by Vicky Phillips Marrow
Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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