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July 26, 2015

Last couple of Nights on the Town with Marcy..for now

Cedar Rapids, IA and Sioux Falls,SD 25th/25th July 2015

posted by Mike Walton

America's Heartland loves Rod or "Had me a real good time"

On Friday July 24th Rod graced the stage in a wild yet tasteful animal print jacket at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It reminded me immediately of the comment Tommy Kevitt posted comparing the suits Rod's wearing now with those of 20 or so years ago. This one was different for sure but I compare his stage wardrobe to his hair--they both have been a variation on a theme over the years.

Rod opened to "Having a Party", which was more appropriate than "Infatuation" from nights before because America's heartland loves Rod and the entire audience was having a party during the entire show. Lots of audience participation-it reminded me of the first show I attended in England where they sang every word to every song. It continued to remind me of the shows across the pond when Rod sang "Every Picture Tells A Story" and then during the sit down "The Killing of Georgie". Kimmie did a great job on backing vocals. What a great night!

Before he sang "Tonight's the Night" he said that a lot of unwanted children were born because of this song. (I think he meant unplanned children.) I noticed a lot of Al Jolson moves down on one knee or at times both knees. He also sang "Love is" and the banjo player who I believe was in the video accompanied it.

It was more of the party-like atmosphere on Saturday night too at the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And just to give an update on his suit, Rod came out in the tightest pair of black pants I've seen since the days of spandex, a white jacket and blue tie. He was right in front of us in the front row a lot so I was able to take particular notice.

When Rod introduced Jimmy Roberts, he talked about the fact that Jimmy was in the band years ago, left for awhile and then came back. On Friday night he said Jimmy left to open an omelet shop and then on Saturday night he said he left to open a sexy lingerie shop called "Jimmy's Secrets". At the end of the show someone threw up a very padded bra which ended up on Jimmy's head.

Rod also said that he has many beautiful women in his band and said that's why he was going to sing "Some Guys Have All The Luck". He applauded Katja and said she is looking for love and came all the way to Sioux Falls to find it. The crowd loved it!

Lucy woke up with a cold on Saturday and before they sang "Rhythm of my Heart, Rod and Lucy appeared to be having a conversation which I thought might be about whether she felt well enough to do her solo part. She must have because she did it beautifully.

I've saved the best to last: Rod sang "I don't want to talk about in" which he rarely sings in the states and then he said they were messing about during the sound check and decided unbelievably for the first time ever to sing the old Faces tune "Had me a real good Time". I know I should have videoed them but I was so much in awe of both of them, I simply enjoyed them without being behind a lens. I sure hope someone did!

What a perfect way to finish off seeing five shows in a row and the last night of the U.S. Tour. Rod has said that his audience will tell him when it's time for him to retire and as long as he has air in his lungs he wants to do the live shows. Based on what I've seen, the audience is telling him to keep going! He's on his way to Vegas and then to Hyde Park and of course the new CD in October. I don't know how he does it. We're heading on to Mount Rushmore for some sightseeing and much needed R & R. We might be getting too old for this but I'm delighted that Rod is not! Had me a VERY good time!

Review by Marcy Braunstein
Photos by Marcy Braunstein
Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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