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June 10, 2015

Four generations of Rod fans

Help this wedding happen

posted by Mike Walton

As we have proven time and time again Rod has the best fans around, So can we help SMILER member Heather McCabe and her family of four generations of Rod fans win a dream wedding for Heathers grandson James.

James and his fiancee Kerry have entered a competition to win a dream wedding..but they need our votes

Heather told SMILER 'I have a short tale to tell of a very long standing family fan club, Myself and my husband took our young son to his first concert in Dundee many years ago we sat him on his father's shoulders so he could see and Rod took off the tartan bonnet he was wearing and put it on his own head then gave it back to him it has never been forgotten. That same boy now a man with his own sons and grandson is still an avid fan going to as many concerts as he can. I now live in Hove my other son lives in London in 1995 we met at Gatwick airport flew up to Glasgow to meet my eldest and we all went to the concert in the round a Fab family evening. Another unforgettable memory for us is when my grandson James held up a banner he had made saying 'Rod writer of songs' and Rod came over and put one of his football's in his hand. James has recently entered a competition to win a wedding and l am trying to help him get votes. James and Kerry are a hard working couple who have a child each and would love to get married but the priority is to buy a house. They so deserve some help'

IF you want to help James and Kerry just go to And show how good Rod's fans are at supporting each other by voting for them to win their dream wedding

Heather would like to give a very big thank you to anyone who votes from all four generations of Rod fans in her family.

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