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August 14, 2015

Rod, Katja, and a great gold suit

Three nights in Vegas by Barbara Holland

posted by Mike Walton

Aug. 8, 2015 Saturday night was my first show.

The audience was very energetic and we were all were getting ready for Rod. The curtain came up and Rod started the night off with the song “Infatuation”, while he sang he seemed to be in a great mood. There were a lot of fans wearing Celtic shirts and some had Celtic hats. During the show Rod commented that he had a surprise for us and I could not wait to see what it was.

One of his first surprises was Ruby and her new band, called The Sisterhood; they played their new song “One Light”. Rod seemed to be very proud of Ruby; I notice that Penny was in the isle taking pictures of Ruby and her band. Rod was wearing his gold suit and it went great with his hair and was also proud of his socks. Rod in his gold suit and Ruby in her gown sang “Forever Young”.

The second surprise was Rod singing his new song “Love Is”, it sounded great. One of Rods Las Vegas trademarks is his stroll through the audience singing “Sweet Little Rock N Roller”. As he passed me I had a chance to touch his arm. While Rod was going through the audience, he stops and had his son Alistar and two of Alistar’s friends follow him on stage. While they were on stage, Vicky (fan from Tennessee, USA) threw three green and white knitted hats on stage and the children put them on. One of the highlights’ of the night for me is when Rods starts to kick the soccer balls into the audience. Rod threw a soccer ball to me and was very happy. My friend Maureen had a chance to have a picture signed while Rod was singing “Maggie May”.

As the curtain goes for the encore song “Do You Think I'm Sexy”, Rod come out wearing a cowboy hat that was green, white, orange and had a Celtic logo on it. It appeared that he enjoyed wearing that hat, because he left his signer cowboy hat back stage and he wore his for the three shows that I was at. The hat was given to him from Jill and Mike from Boston, USA

August 9, 2015 Sunday night was my second show.

As usual the audience was excited to see Rod. Tonight he was in a great mood, singing and making jokes. He commented that this audience was great for Sunday night. The night was very warm and he requested electric fans be put on stage for him, when took off his jacket the ladies went nuts and they were yelling “take more off”. Rod had added “Gasoline Alley” to his set list. As usual this was a great
night with Rod.

As I was leaving, I noticed Katja was going into Gordon Ramsey restaurant. I went into the restaurant and notice her sitting at the bar. I asked her if I could have a picture of her and myself. She said yes, she asked me if I was responsible for the hats being sent back stage, I said no, my friend Mike did it all. I also mentioned that my brother in-law was in love with her. I had asked my brother in-law to take a lot of pictures of Rod and when I got home, I noticed that half of them were of Katja. My friend Maureen also had Katja sign a picture of Kitja and Rick Larrimore.

August 12, 2015 Wednesday, my last show.

Rod started the show in a happy bouncy mood. He said he was going to try out a few new songs in the USA. One song that meant a lot to Rod was “Can’t Stop Me Now”. The song was about his overcoming the hard times in the start of his career and the support of his father. The girls tried out a new song and they were great. When Rod was kicking out the soccer balls my friends Maureen and Mike got one each. A special thanks to Di Reed for helping Maureen and I. When Rods was singing I tried to Get him to sign his book and he wave his hand saying could not, at least he noticed me and I was happy for that.

Rod, see you in April, 2016.

Forever, Your New York Fan

Barbara Holland
Review by Barbara Holland
Photos by Barbara Holland
Montage by Tommy Kevitt

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