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October 24, 2014

Mary's Birthday Ball

By Laura Durber

posted by Mike Walton

When i first joined Smiler in late 2012, it was to see if i could get good tickets for the 2013 tour. However, I didnít get tickets through Smiler, but I found the fan club to be full of welcoming Rod Stewart fans!

My mum [Mary] has been a fan of Rod for as long as I can remember, so I grew up listening to his music. As I got older, I grew to enjoy his music, and began going to see his concerts with her, the first one we saw together being at Manchester in 2007. Every concert we have been to my mum has, like all fans, wanted to catch one of Rodís balls that he kicks into the crowd.

Every Christmas or birthday, my mumís answer is always the same when I ask what she would likeÖ Rod Stewart of course! So when I saw that Rod was playing in our hometown of Stoke a week before her 50th birthday, it seemed perfect! We splashed out on front row seats, made a sign to ask Rod to sing happy birthday and we were determined to get that ball. I couldnít get Rod Stewart in person for my mumís birthday, but front row seats and maybe a football would be the next best thing!

The gig was absolutely fantastic, and although Rod didnít sing happy birthday for my mum, he did notice her, laughed and danced with her. When it came to the time of the footballs we were both at the ready, Rod was looking in our direction when he threw a ball towards us, however, the person next to her pushed her out of the way and caught it instead. We were gutted!!

After being in touch with Mike and Yve from Smiler I spoke to them about what happened. They told me they would see what they could do about getting a football for my mum. After a few weeks of not hearing much about it further, I was starting to give up, I was so grateful that they tried for us in the first place! However, towards the end of September I received a message from Yve with the good news that Rod had sent a ball!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike, Yve, Don and all at Smiler for everything they have done for my mum.
Forever a Smiler!!

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