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October 9, 2014

“Hot Legs” you are wearing me out, literally

October 5th Ceasar's Palace Las Vegas Nevada Review by Ginni Foxx

posted by Mike Walton

“Hot Legs” you are wearing me out, literally. Rod’s concert on Sunday, October 5th, 2014 was the third concert I had attended in one week. I traveled once again from North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada for an evening of watching Rod “light it up, light it up, light it up” and I don’t regret a minute.

Rod came onto the stage dressed in his light blue jacket, black pants, black and white shoes, yellow socks and yellow flower on his lapel. Only Rod Stewart could take on this look and “wear it well.”

The concert started with “This Old Heart.” The audience was already on their feet in anticipation of his arrival on stage, and he was in full “Rod Mode.” After the conclusion of the song he stated this night was his 78th concert in Las Vegas.

The merriment continued with “It’s A Heartache,” “Having A Party,” “Tonight’s The Night” and “You Wear It Well,” and the rocking temperature of the audience was at a fever pitch with this of continuous hit singles.

Much to my surprise and enjoyment, Rod broke from tradition of singing “The Hits” to sing “You Can’t Stop Me Now” and everyone was thrilled. I don’t think here in the U.S. Rod regards this song as a hit; however, to me it is not only a hit which I know all of the words to, but also a song that sums up exactly how Rod feels about his life, and he doesn’t appear ready to stop any time soon. The audience was thrilled.

“Rhythm Of My Heart” continued the evening with another touching rendition of the song, together with video of the touching moments of loss and happy reunion moments of war. Then, Rod asked the audience to once again view the video regarding “The Wounded Warriors Project” and he stood facing the screen somberly and then turned and urged everyone’s support of this important project.

Rod introduced his daughter, the beautiful Ruby Stewart, as he left the stage for a wardrobe change. Stunning Ruby dressed in all black performed her own composition of “Just One More Day” and it was absolutely beautiful. She once again came out and interacted with the audience, including touching my son’s hand, and he may never be the same.

Rod came back on stage to accompany Ruby in “Forever Young” dressed in his gold suit and a dynamite pair of leopard trimmed high-topped tennis shoes – again only Rod. They sang beautifully together; however, when it came time for Ruby to step toward the audience, Rod stepped back toward the drummer and left Ruby singing on her own and it was quite amusing as it sounded quite pitiful. She was a trooper as Rod stood back giggling the entire time, as she worked her way back toward her father. Rod turned to her, smiling, and said “that wasn’t very good.” She smiled at her dad and they once again sung together, but at the end Rod commented that Ruby had already stolen all of his moves with his audience, but she couldn’t take his songs. It was hysterical. They concluded “Forever Young” smiling at each other and walked off the stage together.

Rod came back in his white shirt and tie and it was time for the acoustical part of the concert. Up first was “The First Cut Is The Deepest,” as everyone sang along. Next he talked briefly about Faces and Ronnie Lane, but didn’t mention the possibility of the Faces reunion. He then sang “Ooh La La” which was a composition of the late, great Ronnie Lane. He concluded the acoustic set with “Have I Told You Lately,” an all-time favorite of all of the audience.

Rod is never content at the interaction of the audience and not one for letting them sit still for long, so up next was “Sweet Little Rock And Roller” and the audience was up and moving once more. He then left the stage for a wardrobe change and Di Reed did her “killer” rendition of “Proud Mary” and brought down the house.

Out comes Rod again dressed in all black, with a black leather cowboy hat, and of course he looked mighty fine. “Hot Legs” came up next along with Rod’s famous kicking of the footballs, and the audience went wild. He sang with perfection as he worked his way across the stage kicking footballs well into the back of the first section, and up into the second and even third sections of the venue, smiling all the while.

“Maggie May” was next on the list and there was full participation by the audience, of this famous hit which no concert would be complete without. Rod thanked everyone for coming and the curtain once again dropped. The audience as usual wasn’t ready to leave and they didn’t. They wanted more of Rod Stewart and once again he didn’t disappoint.

Rod came back and sang “Do You Think I’m Sexy” with everyone standing and singing with him and he, and we, loved it.

The concert was over and it was time to leave. Having seen Rod three times in one week, you would think I would tire of his performances or his music but I can assure you that I have not, and never will. He was fit, in fine form and looked like he enjoyed every minute of his performing on the stage. I always leave with a special smile and a special glow to me that only Rod Stewart can provide. My son was with me at this concert and it was his gift to me of front row seats. It was a night that we treasured together and he remarked that he thought I actually looked younger as we were leaving the venue, and I knew what he meant. Rod and I continue to age together but in my heart, Rod will always stay “Forever Young,” and my living this journey with Rod, makes me feel that I, too, will continue to be “Forever Young,” at least in my heart and mind.

Rod is definitely loving the life he lives and living the life he loves and it shows time after time. You could attend five concerts a week and the way he changes his song lineup and the interaction with the audience, you would never tire of his performances. He is “ageless and timeless” to this Rod fan, and always will be to me. Another stellar performance performed by the one and only Rod Stewart, as only he can perform.

“Hot Legs” I will be back for your last two shows in November in Las Vegas and I can’t wait. You never disappoint me and always leave me with a light happy heart and there is no better feeling in the world. Thank you sir, it is a privilege.

Review and pictures by Ginni Foxx

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