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September 30, 2014

Rod’s wonderful band didn’t disappoint

Rod Stewart - "The Hits" - Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, Nevada - September 27, 2014 Review by Ginni Foxx

posted by Mike Walton

“Passion,” “Infatuation” and ‘Pure Love” are the three songs that come to mind when describing the Rod Stewart Concert at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on Saturday night, September 27th.

Rod opened the show in his famous silver jacket, to “Infatuation.” The crowd reacted immediately and with great enthusiasm and you could tell by the look on Rod’s face that he was thrilled. Everyone was up on their feet and, of course, singing along, “Rocking It With Rod.” The reaction of the enthusiastic crowd was instantaneous. Up on your feet and you are ready to go. “ Rod was definitely in the mood to rock to “The Hits,” and commented on the fantastic crowd, his fantastic mood and said we are going to have “one hell of a show.”

“Tonight’s The Night” came next with Rod continuing to shine, vocally and physically. “You Wear It Well” was up next and succeeded in keeping the crowd on its feet with instant recognition of the classic.

Rod’s performance of “Rhythm Of My Heart,” with a touching video display throughout the performance of the troops who have fought for our countries was stellar. At the end of the song he asked everyone to please watch closely at the video that would be shown and it was a video regarding the “Wounded Warrior Project” and I was so moved as I watched Rod stare at the screen and say how much our troops meant to him and to all of us and urged us to support the project.

Rod next introduced his beautiful and talented daughter, Ruby Stewart. Ruby is definitely getting more comfortable with her performances on stage. She worked the stage back and forth just like her famous dad and stepped down into the audience to shake a few hands. She performed a song that she wrote herself called “Just One More Day” and she used her unique and strong voice that would hold up with the best of them. You could see the pride on Rod’s face as she sang.

Rod joined Ruby for a beautiful duet of “Forever Young” which was both entertaining and touching to see them singing together and the looks of love and pride between the two of them.

Rod and Ruby left the stage and the wonderful band continued to entertain the audience with top notch entertainment. Chairs were brought on stage and the additional accompaniment of more wonderful musicians was added, and we all knew it was “Rod Time” again.

Rod came out in his yellow suit and the fanciest pair of animal and leopard shoes I have ever seen and, as usual, he wore it all so well. He said that it was time for us all to sit and listen to a little acoustics and the show started again. “The First Cut Is The Deepest” was the first to come and it was spot on. Rod paused after the song and asked if anyone remembered Faces and the crowd cheered. He remarked that he was part of that alcohol-ridden group and his love for them. He mentioned the only one not still living was Ronnie Lane who passed several years ago,

and it was time to “remember” as Rod said he was going to sing “Ooh Lah Lah” which Ronnie had written. This crowd “knew it well” and sang along, which brought a big smile to Rod’s face.

Rod then remarked that everyone was going to “really, really love this next song” Rod sang “Have I Told You Lately” and he was right. The audience loved it. So, not to let us get relaxed with that beautiful tune, he broke into “Twisting The Night Away” and everyone was on their feet again with one elderly couple on the other side actually doing the twist, and at our ages, it was so special to witness their closeness and interaction with Rod and his music. This interaction is one of the things that makes Rod so special. He continues to make us feel “Forever Young.”

Another wardrobe change brought Di Reed to entertain us with her awesome rendition of “Proud Mary.” Once again Rod’s wonderful band didn’t disappoint and were on point until Rod came back onto the stage.

Dressed in his paisley shirt, blue trousers and his now famous cowboy hat, Rod strutted back onto the stage looking so fit and so darned happy, and yes, this amazing performer can strut. “You’re In My Heart,” which holds special significance to this Rod fan, was up next, and Rod never missed a single beat as he sang and kicked footballs into the arms of awaiting fans throughout the venue.

Next Rod announced that he would be singing his final song for the evening – what would it be? Now what would a concert be without “Maggie May?” This was the song that introduced me to Rod Stewart and his music, and started my 35 year rock and roller coaster ride with this amazing man, and it isn’t over yet. Up to our feet and Rod was on his “A Game” again. I don’t believe there was anyone in that audience that could stand, who wasn’t standing, and everyone accompanying him, and of course, and we did him proud. The curtain dropped and the crowd roared, wanting more Rod Stewart, and, of course, he did not disappoint.

The curtain rose once more and Rod broke into “Do You Think I’m Sexy” as he worked the stage as he had all night, from one end to the other with vigor and grace. The now famous balloon drop began with the song and the stage and entire venue was filled with a rainbow of colored balloons.

Wonderful things must come to an end, and this was the end of this fabulous concert. This man who is so deeply admired and adored by all of us has done it again, delivering another stellar performance of a lifetime.

If you ever get the honor of seeing Rod Stewart in concert in Las Vegas, grab it, as it is truly an experience that you will not only never forget, but also will always remember and hold in your heart, as one of those special moments in your life.

Rod Stewart is not only ageless and timeless, he is truly one of the most gifted and dynamic performers in the world today, being recognized in countries throughout the world, in my opinion. They may not speak English, but they can certainly sing along with Rod. Seeing Rod Stewart in Las Vegas – grab that brass ring and hold on for the magic carpet ride of your life.

Is this magical rock and roller coaster ride over for the year for this Rod fan? Oh no. I will be leaving for Las Vegas next Saturday with my son to see the show again, and then his last two shows in November. You see, Rod’s talent does span generations. He is truly “A Spanner In The Works. As long as Rod continues to rock, this Rod fan will be there to see him every chance she gets, and I am so blessed. Yes indeed, he is a treasure.



Proud member of “Smiler.”
Photos By Ginni Foxx

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