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July 1, 2017

Introducing The Elite SMILER 'You Wear It Well' Badge

Shanlee is first recipient

posted by Mike Walton

The team at SMILER thought it would be good to reward members when they did something beyond the call of duty for SMILER or Rod, so we decided to present these great logo badges that are made in similar style to our first logo style badge that we produced in the early 90's, although the new elite badge is smaller and chunkier than its predecessor.

The badges will be awarded by the SMILER team to members who do something special in the name of SMILER or Rod and anyone who gets awarded one will get a namecheck on the site.

And for any members who are too busy to do anything special, don't worry from time to time we will give away a couple of badges as competition prizes!!

We are pleased to announce that the first recipient will be Shanlee Johnson from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada who took the original photo that turned into the world famous SMILER logo, Our long serving members will remember Shanlee used to be on the SMILER team and took some great photographs for the magazine back in the day.

Well done Shanlee we know you will Wear it well.

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