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May 27, 2017

Parking arrangements announced

More travel info for Rod's Shrewsbury Town gig

posted by Mike Walton

Parking plans for Rod's Shrewsbury Town Football Club concert were revealed yesterday.

The football club has arranged a number of different ways for people to get to the Greenhous Meadow for the concert, which takes place on June 7.

Under the arrangements people can use a park and ride from Halls Auction Market in Battlefield, or from Oxon Park & Ride at Bicton Heath.

There will also be seven 'park and stride' options, within walking distance of the football ground.

They will be at Percy Thrower's Wyvale Garden Centre, Meole Brace Park & Ride, Toys r Us at Meole Brace, Pritchards, The Brooklands Hotel, Louise House on Roman Road, or Springfield Recreation Ground/Mereside Recreation Centre.

Both options cost £10 and all car parks will open from 4pm, except Louise House which opens at 5pm.

Alternatively people can get a bus from Shrewsbury Bus Station at Raven Meadows for £5 return or £3 for a single.

Shrewsbury Town's Chief Executive, Brian Caldwell, said he was delighted to have the arrangements in place.

He said: "It has taken a lot longer than we would have hoped, it has been quite difficult because the concert is obviously on a Wednesday night, the Elton John concert was a Sunday so that obviously freed up the retail park over the back from us.

"But we have managed to secure seven park and stride, which means obviously within walking distance, sites hopefully for people to park at, and we have two park and ride sites as well."

Good luck and safe travels to everyone attending.

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