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May 28, 2017

Politics according to Sir Rod

Maggie May or Theresa May?

posted by Mike Walton

In a great new interview for Event magazine Rod has described the Prime Minister a “fair piece”.

When he was asked if he thought Theresa May was "sexy", Rod replied: "She's a fair piece, mate. She does show a bit of leg, which I like, "I've seen a picture of her when she was at Oxford, I'm telling you She was a fair piece. Trust me, I know about these things."

Rod then went on to voice his support for the Prime Minister ahead of the upcoming general election, saying she seems "genuine" and “believable". He continued: "I was reading about how in love she was with her husband when they first met, and that it was genuine love. I liked that, it's human."

Criticising Jeremy Corbyn for making "last-minute pledges that he's going to tax the rich", he added: "We know how the election is going to go here, and that's how it should go."

Rod also gave his thoughts on Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Madonna, Bob Dylan,David Beckham, the disappointment of missing out on Woodstock and Live Aid. and being ‘refreshed as a fart’ on live TV.

Rod photo Karen Chande

To read the full interview go to

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