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August 14, 2002

Rojas, Kentis and Jacoby feature on new DVD

New 'Ziroq' DVD featuring Carmine Rojas, Chuck Kentis and J'Anna Jacoby available now.

posted by Ian Roberts

Following the release of the CD of the same name 'Ziroq' have announced that a DVD is now available to buy.
Ziroq - an exotic & exciting blend of Spanish Gypsy music, rock, flamenco, and other eastern European influences, mostly sung in Spanish. The lead singer is a charismatic performer from Spain, backed by a who's who of back-up musicians from Rod's band, Mick Jagger's and Stevie Wonder's band. Their dynamic and electrifying performance is a real crowd pleaser. They say they try to take all the influences, the Indian, the Arabic, the North African and put them together with modern rhythms and sounds."

The disc packs a music video for the song "Cerca de Mi," as well as footage of live performances of "Reina" and "Ziroq," all three in full frame with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Also included are two interview segments; the first featuring vocalist Marcus Nand and bassist Carmine Rojas in English, and the second a Spanish-language spot with Nand only. The interviews run 5:04 and 4:18, respectively.
There is also a Scrapbook featuring 29 photos of the band, a seven-page English Biography and five-page Spanish Biografia for the band, as well as the standard About DVD-Audio, Speaker Setup, and Credits options.
Ziroq is made up of Marcus Nand on lead vocals, guitar, and palmas; the legendary CARMINE ROJAS on bass; CHARLES KENTIS on Keyboards and Hammond Organ, and also providing percussion programming; Tal Bergman on drums and percussion; and J'ANNA JACOBY on viola and violin. The album was produced by Charles Kentis, and co-produced by Carmine Rojas and Marcus Nand. For the DVD, John Trickett and Ken Caillat served as executive producers, Anna Rambeau, Marcus Nand, Camine Rojas, and Dave Zelaya produced, and Gary Lux handled the 5.1 mix.

Ziroq recently played a live set at 'The Whole Earth Festival' in April.



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