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January 24, 2004

New star on music scene: Natasha Pearce on tour.

Natasha Pearce released her debut album "Catch the Feelin'" and will tour with Rod later this year.

posted by Thomas Stadelmann

There seems to be a rising star on the radar and she may be coming to your town soon. Her name is Natasha Pearce and she's actually doing the acting thing in reverse. She's had an acting career and now she's moving into a recording career.

She's done work on stage, but fans also recognize her from the small screen and feature films, as well. Natasha's been a featured player on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ER, NYPD Blue and The Steve Harvey Show. She's also made numerous other guest starring appearances.

Now, in 2004, her debut release, "Catch the Feelin'" is not only hitting the shelves, but she'll be spreading the news on tour with legendary rocker Rod Stewart.

Although, this is her debut release, Pearce is not new to showbiz. She's danced with Sammy Davis Jr. and performed and/or recorded with Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, John Tesh, Ziggy Marley Rod Stewart & Shaggy.

He newly released album "Catch the Feelin'" is available on Los Angeles and Atlanta based Anutha Records.

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