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October 11, 2002

Don Teschner

Rod's ex-violin / mandolin player releases his debut cd...."Swamp Rock Blues"

posted by Ian Roberts

Don worked and toured with Rod in the early 1990's, his violin and mandolin playing skills highlighted on stage and in the studio, the pinnacle being his appearence on the critically acclaimed MTV "Unplugged And Seated" cd release in '93. Teschner is an accomplished multi -
instrumentalist......the list of instruments he plays is long and varied. Violin, mandolin, all sorts of electric, acoustic and steel guitars, bass, (both fretted and fretless), viola, octave mandolin, and harmonica. These are his main instruments. There are more, but why go on?

Born In London England, Don grew up near the foot of the appellation mountains in eastern Pennsylvania. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music. After working with Rod for almost five years Don is just now releasing his first CD. "Swamp Rock Blues" is a collection of slide guitar based music. Organic, acoustic, and passionate. These steamy songs resonate with the beautiful yet haunting sounds of the deep south influenced by the tradition of the Delta Blues.

Don will soon be touring in support of this release.


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