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February 7, 2010

Gary Leport in Intensive care

Bad news about one of Rod's ex band mates.

posted by Mike Walton

Gary Leport was still in intensive care last night more than two weeks after being hit by a car.

Gary was a member of a band Rod played in for a period in the 60's 'The Five Dimensions' and now plays bass guitar with the legendary 'Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra', he has been at Southampton General Hospital since being hit by a car on Southampton Road in Lymington on January 14.

Gary is who now 64 has suffered serious head injuries following the accident, which happened at 6.30pm. The driver of the Peugeot 306 car, a 25-year-old woman, was unhurt.

A hospital spokeswoman said Mr Leport’s condition was stable but that he remained on the neurological intensive care unit.

Gary who has also worked with Chuck Berry is known to his bandmates as Sludge, started playing guitar aged 15 before making his first recording with Joe Meek of Telstar fame. He then went on to form the Five Dimensions with a then unknown Rod .

Dimensions' bassist Louis Cennamo said it was Gary who got Rod in The Five Dimensions in 1963, "They were at school together."Rod was the first guy I had seen with a bouffant. At the time he wore a black cord Pierre Cardin jacket and when asked, he would describe himself as an Ultra-Modernist! Rod was also very funny and he kept us amused in traffic jams by opening the back door of the Dormobile and simply rolling out onto the road!"

Rod sang and played harmonica,The band later hooked up with Jimmy Powell and Rod left not long after in the December of 1963.

Plonkers frontman Gordon Brownen said: “Gary is a terrific musician and the backbone of the Plonkers.”

To find out more about Gary or leave your personal messages go to

A foot note to this report is the true story of a very often miss-reported Rod story:
Chris Blackwell had brought Jamaican singer Millie to London to record under the direction of guitarist Ernest Ranglin and members of The Dimensions were involved. The result was Millie's hit "My Boy Lollipop", but it was NOT Rod (nor Jimmy Powell) that played the hit's distinctive harmonica solo, but Dimension Peter Hogman.

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