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April 20, 2010

Ronnie - I taught Slash guitar riffs

..And Slash will be on Ronnie's new album

posted by Mike Walton

Slash had the ultimate music teacher when he was growing up - none other than Faces guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie say's he was a huge influence on Slash's technical skills, showing him how to play complicated riffs on the guitar - and nowadays Slash returns the favour.

Speaking on his show on Classic Rock radio, Ronnie says, "Slash, I remember him as a kid spying on me when I was playing guitar and I'd teach him little licks, and now I'm learning licks off him, it's really good.

"He's a great guy to play with and he's great at interacting, a good weaver, you know, we can weave, like me and (Bobby) Womack do and me and Keith Richards do. Slash is such a great talent, and he plays in my solo band when I take it out and he's on my new album as well."

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