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November 17, 2009

The Faces appear ready to play live in 2010, with or without Rod Stewart.

Mac talks to Billboard

posted by Mike Walton

After performing with guests at an Oct. 25 show at London's Royal Albert Hall for the British Performing Rights Society's Music Members' Benevolent Fund, the Faces' other three surviving members -- guitarist Ron Wood, keyboardist Ian McLagan and drummer Kenney Jones -- are "seriously talking about touring" in the spring, McLagan tells

"If we don't do it very soon, one of us is gonna check out," McLagan says. "I'm 64, for chrissakes! We've been waiting and waiting for Rod to say yes; now he's finally said no. He's busy doing other shit. So we're gonna do it."

Stewart is planning to promote his latest album, "Soulbook," with his own touring in 2010. McLagan notes that "it would be much better to have (Stewart) with us" but says that he's "open either way. I just want to play."

The London charity show, at which former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman filled in for the late Ronnie Lane and guest vocalists included Simply Red's Mick Hucknall, Paul Carrack and Andy Fairweather-Low, provided a model for the kind of show the Faces could do. "I think it's more exciting, actually, with different singers, different bass players, maybe some other guests, another guitarist or whatever," McLagan says. "(Saxophonist) Bobby Keys would probably sit in. It's more adventurous. It won't be the same old shit."

Wyman, who does not like to fly, is highly unlikely to be part of the tour. McLagan says his first choice on bass would be original Sex Pistols member Glenn Matlock, who the keyboardist says "started playing bass because of Ronnie Lane. He knows all his licks and really appreciates him as a bass player." As for Wood's idea earlier in the year of using the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea -- who subsequently denied being part of a Faces reunion -- McLagan says that, "I like Flea. I don't necessarily think he's a good replacement for Ronnie, but if he wants to do it we should talk about it."

McLagan says he, Wood and Jones are also likely to ask Hucknall if he wants to be part of the project but expects to approach other singers as well. "There's plenty of things for people to sing in the set," he notes. "There's plenty of bass players. I think we can go in several different directions at once. The world's our oyster here; it will still be Ronnie, Kenney and me. We're just steaming right ahead."

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