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June 11, 2019

Everything I Know About Love

By [fellow Rod fan] Dolly Alderton

posted by Mike Walton

If you are looking for a book to take on your holidays to read this year we might have found you the perfect read ..

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton is a Sunday Times top 5 best-selling book,and this year a new version with a new chapter on turning thirty has been released by Penguin Books.

I first came across Dolly when she was doing an interview for stylist to promote the original book and she was asked
Who or what is your greatest love? Her answer 'Sir Rod Stewart – the music and the man' Then a few weeks back I caught Dolly being interview on Steve Wright in the afternoon on Radio Two she mentioned Rod a few times and told Steve she loved listening to Radio Two as they always played Rod records.

In Everything I Know About Love you can read the great story about Dolly throwing a 'socially disastrous' Rod Stewart themed house party…!

Dolly has said in the past she is most happiest when listening to Rod Stewart records and when asked in an interview to pick four songs that reminded her of great loves of her life her first choice was Rod's Every Picture Tells A Story explaining 'This song reminds me of the great romantic heroes of my twenties, who have been my girlfriends. When we first moved in with each other I brought an old PYE record player and this Rod Stewart album was one of the first LPs I bought. This was the first track on the album and it just reminds me of them, and the feeling of the beginning of a Friday night, and the first years of adulthood together'.

Dolly told SMILER today "I adore Rod Stewart - the man and the music. His voice becomes even more impossibly soulful with every year he gets older while his showmanship and joie de vivre never wanes. His humour and mischief is palpable in his lyrics, performances and videos. But his deeply romantic and hugely nostalgic heart is what you find at the centre of his work. I couldn’t love his music, or him, any more".

And who knows if Rod reads this post Dolly's 2017 new years resolution might come true..In her list of achievable goals she said number 10 was ‘interview Rod Stewart’, number six was ‘ring mum’ and number four was ‘learn to drive’. adding so far I’ve excelled at number six, I’m yet to put both the proverbial and literal wheels in motion for ten and four.”

You can buy Everything I Know About Love from

Press Release
A spot-on, wildly funny and sometimes heart-breaking book about growing up, growing older and navigating all kinds of love along the way

When it comes to the trials and triumphs of becoming a grown up, journalist and former Sunday Times dating columnist Dolly Alderton has seen and tried it all. In her memoir, she vividly recounts falling in love, wrestling with self-sabotage, finding a job, throwing a socially disastrous Rod-Stewart-themed house party, getting drunk, getting dumped, realising that Ivan from the corner shop is the only man you've ever been able to rely on, and finding that that your mates are always there at the end of every messy night out. It's a book about bad dates, good friends and - above all else - about recognising that you and you alone are enough.

Glittering with wit and insight, heart and humour, Dolly Alderton's powerful début weaves together personal stories, satirical observations, a series of lists, recipes, and other vignettes that will strike a chord of recognition with women of every age - while making you laugh until you fall over. Everything I know About Love is about the struggles of early adulthood in all its grubby, hopeful uncertainty.

"I loved it so much, I wanted it to go on forever. Dolly Alderton is so gifted at making people care. A rare talent." - Marian Keyes

"It's so full of life and laughs - I gobbled up this book. Alderton has built something beautiful and true out of many fragments of daftness." - Amy Liptrot

"I loved its truth, its self-awareness, humour and most of all, its heart-spilling generosity. The power of female friendships is such great, unchartered territory, and just when you think it's going one (wonderful) way, it takes you somewhere infinitely more rugged, complicated and all the more affectingly tender. A joy. In short, it's a stone cold classic." - Sophie Dahl

"A wonderful writer, who will surely inspire a generation the way that Caitlin Moran did before her"- Julie Burchill

"A book that is both hilarious and moving, while all the time being beautifully written with insight and wit. Alderton is Nora Ephron for the millennial generation." - Elizabeth Day

"Funny, sexy and clever, Dolly Alderton is never less than dazzling on the travails of the human heart. Each chapter reads like those late night conversations with your best girlfriend that you never want to end." - Clover Stroud

"Exquisite, hilarious, I loved every page. I was dazzled by her warmth and wisdom: Dolly has written an extraordinary book that all women will be able to relate to." - Emma Jane Unsworth

"I so recommend Dolly Alderton's recently published millennial memoir, which takes you on an uncomfortable journey through love and anxiety, to an unexpectedly happy ending. It's just lovely." - Eva Wiseman

"I can say with absolute certainty that you have to add it to your 2018 book list"- The Pool

"With courageous honesty, Alderton documents her life up to now, the highs and the lows - the sex, the drugs, the nightmare landlords, the heartaches and the humiliations. Deeply funny, sometimes shocking, and admirably open-hearted and optimistic. Only this writer, in this time, could have made such a mesmerising pattern from mess and colour. A brilliant debut." - Daily Telegraph

"This is the book we will thrust into our friends hands for the remainder of 2018, the book we excitedly messaged the women in our lives in caps telling them how much they 'NEED TO READ THIS' and the book that will help heal a broken heart should you ever need it. Alderton’s wise words can resonate with women of all ages. She feels like a best friend and your older sister all rolled into one and her pages wrap around you like a warm hug." - The Evening Standard

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