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Forever Young..ish

Milton Keynes Stadium 4/6/19 Review By Ken Fowler

posted by Mike Walton

Picture a wet blustery summers afternoon in a sports, shopping village in Bletchley near Milton Keynes, the village is busy, people and cars everywhere. Most of the happy throng are mumbling and moaning geriatrics moving towards the football stadium for a music concert, the weather has put a damper on things and the queues are adding to the discord.

Eventually we are all inside, wheelchairs, scooters, crutches and walking sticks in hand, unfortunately we have been stripped of our umbrellas to some complaints. as some were of sentimental value.

The majority are now seated in the stands under cover, whilst on the pitch it has dried up so people are more comfortable, the bagpipes start up amongst some clapping and mild cheering .

This display is taken in good spirit and the noise dies down, more people take to their seats. As the pipes fade a jovial voice is heard, that we all know so well, announcing the supporting act who immediately started to entertain us.

It takes a while for the old folk to accept this young Scottish pretender but he soon wins some hearts especially with his rendition of one of Sir Rods hit songs and by the end we hear a hearty applause.

The stadium has gone quiet, they are moving about on stage until the first chords of infatuation are heard a heart warming song later and Rod is ready to talk, sadly the band wasn’t and rushed Rod straight into the next song when he caught his breath he quickly expressed his regret that the event must end at 11.00 p.m. sharp but explained the set consisted of 23 songs to make our night, it was just after 9.00 by then, making us think he would not be able to do it!

Next thing you know the stadiums alive crutches and walking sticks falling aside along with 20,30 or even 40 years as we became forever young. Muscles twitched, limbs went into spasm and the crowd turned from zombies to living rocking 25 year olds, no way was Sir Rod 74, he packed so much pleasure and love into those 2 hours with such energy and devotion. He is like a fine malt whiskey improving with age maturing to excellence.

Finally the whirlwind was over but we were left more than fulfilled our star could have done no more , till the next time thanks for a wonderful night.

Review By Ken Fowler
Photos by Marc Baulisch-Steines

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