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The Diary Of Yve Paige Aged 16 ĺ [Well for tonight anyway]

Molineux Stadium Wolverhampton 8/6/19 Review By Yve Paige

posted by Mike Walton

As I sit waiting to go and see Rod, I played Angel from 1973 which was my first concert that I saw The Faces. Remembering the chanting and stamping squashed in a crowd all trying to get as close as they could to the Stage. They were late but the whole experience meant that didnít matter, they stormed the stage and my lifeís path changed that night, I've never been to a concert like it before or since.

Fast Forward now to today and the butterflies are intense already knowing Iím going back for a few hours to 16 years old and the magic that is Sir Rod Stewart.

Sue arrived and we collected Ken it poured down all the way up. We first went to Bloxwich Showman and had lunch and met up with Kerry and Denise, Jeff and Irene and Barrie and loads of others as it was reported the roads were going to be closed we decided to get to the hotel. When we arrived there was just one space left to park the car, Maxine and Joan had arrived too so it was a quick check in and off to The Hogshead where we all met up its been a while since we have been able to get a good crowd in the same pub to have a pre gig and where better than in Wolves with my Baker Family, Remembering Martin and making sure the party got started. It was an amazing atmosphere and loads of others joined us.

Next it was time for Rod a Huge que meant we were still outside when the pipes came on but thatís fine searching bags theses days are a must and I got to meet a few more people outside too.

Once in we found our seats which werenít too shabby and Dear Daniel and Maggie gave me their VIP goody bag for which I am so grateful to them. We had a great crowd around us and were nearly all sitting together. Johnny Mac and the Faithful were brilliant and Iím hoping they come down south after this for a few gigs.

I got the job of writing a setlist Kindly Maxine was on hand to help out. Rod hit the stage with Infatuation as soon as he realised the

crowd were in good voice he had a bounce in his step and a smile on his face and we knew it was going to be incredible. Iím Having a party came on next followed by Young Turks. Next was Some Guys and Tonightís the Night, It sure was, Irene who was attending her first Rod concert for her 70th Birthday present was having the time of her life. Rod sang Forever Young next, Rhythm of my Heart , followed by Maggie ! Should Maggie be in the first set ? thatís debatable ! Rod slowed it down with Georgie and then took it up with Tonight Iím Yours and then back down with I Would Rather go Blind. I think this has to be my favourite track of the night. Superb ! Thanks Rod. Next was Sweet Little Rock and Roller and Down Town train. .. Rod went to change and The lads took over with the Mark Knopfler Guitar track Going Home.

Rod Then sang Grace which is becoming a really solid track in the set list and he delivers it with passion. We then had I Donít Want To Talk About It, First Cut and Your in My Heart Yet another Classic tune I so love. Rod quietened it down with Have I Told You Lately and the crowd were singing so well he loved it. Another costume change gave the girls the stage with Works Hard For The Money.. ( Thatís what Maxine wrote I donít know if thatís the name of the song or a statement which I agree with )

Rod came on Twisting The Night Away and then Sailing, Do You Think Iím Sexy and ending with Baby Jane and Rollin and Tumblin. Fireworks completed the night. We all walked back to the pub where the D.J kindly kept us happy with more Rod and after a while of sitting and singing we decided it was time to say Good night.

To all the people who said Hello and had a smile and a laugh with me I thank you all you made my day complete.

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