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Still Never a Dull Moment

Bramall Lane Sheffield 15/6/19 Review By John Hemingfield

posted by Mike Walton

The year is 1972 and I purchased a gift for my first regular girlfriends 15th Birthday. The gift was Rod's Never a Dull Moment album. That day changed my life forever. The album blew me away and is still a firm favourite to this day. Not a bad track on it.!!! I subsequently bought all Rod's work before and since. My collection is extensive.

Fast forward 27 years and I find myself in the crowd at Bramall Lane Sheffield. Concert number 55.My usual "Co Pilot" ( my wife Beverley ) has work commitments and cannot be with me on this one but she was by my side two weeks ago at York racecourse.

The York set up was great. A venue created out of nothing in the middle of the racecourse. However we found it a little to big and the seating to spread out.The people at the back were a long way from the stage. Our "Hero" seemed to struggle to hold the crowd at times and complained several times about being cold with a wind blowing across the stage. The ending was a bit of a let down as the fireworks came some 3 or 4 minutes after the last chord of "Rolling and a Tumbling which we thought was a strange one to end on. Having said all that we had a great time and enjoyed the experience once again.

Sheffield however seemed different. The stage position was perfect. It seemed more intimate (if a football stadium can be Intimate ) Rod and the band were on form and he seemed to enjoy the show more. A couple of changes to the set list was nice and the sound was brilliant...crisp .clear and loud. The crowd was receptive and Rod fed of that as usual. A great time was had by all involved. Perfect.!!!

It did start to rain during the last song ( Baby Jane) but the fireworks began on the last beat so no confusion that our Hero had done his work. Smiles all round as we left the ground and looking forward to the next time we get together.

If you haven't seen Rod yet on this tour you are in for a real treat.

Stay Forever Young....
Review By John Hemingfield
Main Photo Marc Baulisch-Steines
Other Photos By John Hemingfield

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