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The best Rod Stewart songs ever...

Cregan & Co The Shanklin Theatre, The Isle of Wight 22nd June 2019 Review By Sue Darcy

posted by Mike Walton

On Friday 21st June, Jim Cregan & Co were playing in Christchurch which is about 6 miles from where I live.... WOW I just had to go !!! I've seen them before and I loved them. I rang to book up but guess what !!!! they were fully booked with 30 on the reserve list 😳..... unbelievable..... The next night they were performing on the Isle of Wight which, to be fair, is a little further away but me and my friend Maria decided were would book the night away and go to see them. (Happy Days) 😊🎶🎵

We left the main land at 2.00pm on the Saturday to travel to the Island. Got a bus from the ferry terminal to Newport... then another bus to Shanklin and arrived at 4.30pm..... We actually worked out that we could of travelled to Spain in the same amount of time lol 😂. We found our hotel which was a 5 minute walk from the Theatre.... dumped our bags.... went to the bar had dinner and drinks then continued to the Theatre.

First thing I did when we got there (after getting our vodka & cokes) was to purchase Jim Cregan's autobiography..... At 7.30 sharp the guys began their performance and straight away you were singing along with some of the best Rod Stewart songs ever 🎶🎵.... Fantastic !! I cannot explain how brilliant theses guys are. Jim Cregan, as you all know, is the legend of the group..... Pat Davey on the bass is unbelievably talented..... Sam Tanner on the keyboard is incredible..... Harry James (the comedian of the group) is a spectacular drummer...... and Ben Mills WOW 😳 what a voice......but together they had the best vibe on stage I have every come across...... it was just amazing. Seriously if you haven't seen them you must go..... they are so worth the experience. I have to say I was one of the first to get up and start dancing and got told off (haha) as I was blocking views but I was still allowed to stand at the side and continue....which I did until the end of the show....... Amazing.

After the show we all got to chat with the guys, have our books signed by Jim and I even got one of my 'Reason to Believe' CD's signed from all the group. This review is to recommend that if you haven't seen Cregan & Co you really must do it. The whole experience including Journey, B&B and Tickets came to just over £60 Bargain !!!

To Order your copy of Jim's book And On Guitar...Go to

Review By Sue Darcy
Photos By Sue Darcy
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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