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October 30, 2018

Robin Le Mesurier makes appearance on TV Show

Sport Crime Episode 5

posted by Mike Walton

Robin Le Mesurier is to appear in the TV series Sports Crime from Switzerland playing himself.

Show creator Daniela Scalia told SMILER "The event is actually a shooting session of an international TV Series "Sport Crime" narrating the stories of a Sport Investigating agency located in Lugano (Seam Agency)"

"Robin Le Mesurier will star as himself,acting and playing in episode 5 ("Kick the Junk") of the first ever sport procedural "Sport Crime". The only difference is that the character has a toxic, past unlike Robin, The Plot is about a titanic publicity about rock stars voluntary submitting to anti-doping rules same as sportsmen. The fictional Sponsor is "Sguisher Energy Drink".

Sport Crime is the first ever series based on real sport, it tells the story of "Seam Agency", based in Lugano and ready to intervene when an alleged crime or infraction endangers a team, a sport venue or an athlete. Any episode is based on a different sport.

Daniela Scalia acts as main character, while Luca Tramontin declares to be still undecided on the matter.
Through Sport Crime is a fictional work designed for TV consumption, most of the plots come from the long experience of the authors as sportsmen, coaches, TV commentators, presenters or analysts.

Daniela adds "The main character (Dabs) is a former rugby man who is a rock fanatic, having Rolling Stones, Faces, Rod and Bowie as main life reference. Hence the connection, Luca (Dabs) is the ultimate Rod encyclopedia, from Brentford to the Faces reunion... (which include Robin)"

To read an Exclusive interview with Robin in Issue 93 of SMILER Magazine go to

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