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November 29, 2018

It's a thumbs up for Donna!

HeartRadio LIVE at iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California. Review By Donna Stackhouse

posted by Mike Walton

I was one of only a small crowd of people in attendance at the I Heart Radio Show Rod played Tuesday night in Burbank California about 500 miles from where I live just out of Sacramento California. I had entered a contest to win the tickets some time last week. I was busy with the Thanksgiving holiday and my works upcoming conference I forgot all about the contest. When I opened my email Monday night at 5:30 pm and read that I had won the tickets I just started screaming.

I called my best friend Sandy to she if she wanted to jump on a plane and go with me to the show. She was a bit surprised by what I was telling her and not sure it was real. Anyway we both got our plane tickets and flew out the next morning. We had just seen Rod in Reno on November 3rd. It was her first time and about my 20th.

We had to line up and get our wrist band on at 5:00 less than 24 hours from being notified and then off to another line to wait until the show started at 7:00. We met some great people while waiting in line. Rod truly does have the best fans.

Once we were allowed in the theater we took our positions on the left of the stage front row standing room only. I usually never sit still when he is on stage anyway. The guys in the band appeared on my left first about 1-2 feet away they got onstage and then the girls showed up from backstage and then the moment everyone was waiting for "ROD STEWART" came on. I immediately lose my mind as those around can attest . I have adored this man for 45 years!

I had my laminated "SMILER" magazine covers with me and I waived them so that he could see. (I had also done the same thing in Reno 3 weeks prior) He recognized them and nodded at me and smiled at me giving me the thumbs up sign. I had to hold onto my friend as not to fall off my feet with excitement. She may have gotten a bruise on her arm from my squeezing in such excitement.
Ok on to the important part...
He opened the show with "The look in her eyes" great new song.
He then sang "Hole in my heart" followed by ... "You're in my heart," Some guys have all the luck." ( when you see this on the video I am shown jumping up and down left side of stage wearing leopard holding my signs) " Forever Young", "Maggie May", "Grace" the only time I was quiet and only wanted to experience the depth of this song with his amazing voice. He is the best and the performance of this song is a gift. He also suggest that we all do a little history lesson on the issue. As love songs go this is the saddest . He then sang "Do you think I'm sexy" bringing the crowd back to a roar. I got to sing in Bridgett's microphone on this one. 2nd time for me to do that. My friend Sandy brought her phone and was taking all the photos that I will share because I left my purse in the limo.

He finished his set with a explosive round of "Sweet Little Rock and Roller" wow what a way to end an awesome show.
The show was only for one hour. During the show a local DJ was asking him some silly questions that I believe you can watch on "You Tube". Rod continues to amaze me. I am so thankful for all the many many times I was able to see him live and in person. I know that I am one Lucky and very blessed gal.

Thank you SMILER and Mike Walton for all your insight into my Favorite man.

Review By Donna Stackhouse
Photos By Donna's friend Sandy
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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