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November 11, 2018

Where is Winston Churchill when you need him?

Rod Tweets about California wildfires

posted by Mike Walton

Many Smiler members will have been following the story of the Romero family who were caught up in the California wildfires

So far At least 23 people have been killed due to the fires. Another three firefighters were hurt battling the blaze.

Rod has now got involved by tweeting a response to President Trump's tweet yesterday threatening to withdraw funding for the US Forest Service over the “costly” blaze.

Rod's tweet said; Mr. President, while people’s homes are burning, while lives are being lost & while firefighters are risking their lives, California needs words of support & encouragement, not threats or finger pointing & accusations. Where is Winston Churchill when you need him?

Many Smiler members are asking if we could let Rod's management know about The Romero families story, we have done so.

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