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For Those About To Rock (Rod Salutes You).

Reno, NV, United States Event Center November 3rd Review By Donna Stackhouse

posted by Mike Walton

This was the second time I drove 100 miles to Reno Nevada to see Rod. The first was in August while traveling with my 85 year old English mother who flew in from Southern California with her Scottish friend. You see my mother was who got me started listening to Rod back in 1973 with Maggie I was a 13 year old wide eyed and innocent young lady enthralled with this mans voice.

We get to Reno the day before the concert so that mom and Nell her friend could rest up for the big night. There would be no rest for me. I had front row seats. We drove by the Venue to make sure we knew just how to get there. I giggled like a little kid when we went by . After checking into our rooms the call came saying that the concert had been cancelled due to bronchial infection. This was a mere 4 hours before the concert. I was devastated. I cried like a baby. I had sooo been looking forward to seeing him from the front row as I had in Vegas a year earlier.

It was a long ride home. Mom would not be able to make the trip again. I sold my tickets back since I was going to have surgery in The beginning of October and I wouldn't be well enough to go.

My surgery ended up being scheduled a month earlier in Sept. but I had already gotten a refund and decided to wait and go back to Vegas. Then my best Friend called and said she wanted to go see Rod with me .

We paid a premium for the 5th row seats we ended up getting. I was in the aisle seat which was perfect for me to dance , sing and scream to every song.

My friend was impressed that I knew every word to every song. After 45 years of loving his voice and his persona why wouldn't I ? She asked me what my favorite was and I don't think I have one . They are all great when sung by Rod.

When he came out on his little skateboard contraption he smiled and waved. He apologized to the audience for not being able to be there in August as originally scheduled. He said he would have a couple of extra songs in the set to make it up to us. Yay!!

I have been to about 20 concerts to see Rod. I will say the show he put on in Reno was one of the best I have been to. His voice was amazing. He started singing and the rest of the night was me holding up my laminated picture of the SMILER logo hoping to catch his attention. I almost died when he did notice it and gave me a salute. My friend could not believe that he did that.

His set included one of my old favorites that I don't ever remember him singing at a concert before "Georgie Boy" I of course was able to sing along every word because this song has touched my heart since it is about prejudice and intolerance.

The concert was like a huge party. The band was brilliant. The back up singers are on point. Rod interacts with all of them as he does with the audience. He is a genuine artist with a passion for his craft.For that I will be forever his biggest fan.

My children are amazed at my obsession with Rod. they grew up with posters and even a life size cutout of him in our home. (which I still have)

Soccer (footballs) Balls flying everywhere. Rod wasn't able to kick the balls out as usual so he improvised and started throwing them out into the audience. I was careful not to try too hard to get one several years ago in Vegas I actually fell on my pinky finger whilst trying to get one and broke the finger. I have since been able to obtain one. Which next to my lifesize cut out of Rod is one of my prized possessions.

To sum it up the man never fails to deliver a top notch show. I will go see him again next year. Might even fly to England to see him.

I thank the people at SMILER for keeping the excitement about this man. Rod says he has the best fans and I agree.

Review By Donna Stackhouse
Photos By Donna Stackhouse
montage By Tommy Kevitt

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