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February 6, 2019

Penny on The One Show

Have you ever seen Rod's puppet?

posted by Mike Walton

Penny was a guest on the One Show this evening promoting her new reality TV programme 'Famous and Fighting Crime' that starts on february 11th on Channel 4 at 9pm

One of the film reports on the show was the story about 40 Spitting Image puppets going up for auction on February 14th.

The puppets have been acquired by collectors Prop Store, Penny was asked on the show if she had ever seen Rod's Spitting Image puppet but she didn't know he even had one ..always happy to help here is a photo of the two Rod puppets used on the show and we are sure Penny will find them as grotesque as we do!!

Spitting Image attracted enormous viewing figures in its 12-year run on ITV, with millions tuning in to see famous faces from the royal family to Hollywood stars being ridiculed.

To see the show go to the BBC iplayer

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