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February 1, 2019

Details for Penny's new reality TV Series

Famous and Fighting Crime

posted by Mike Walton

The details for the brand new Channel 4 reality TV series featuring Penny have finally been announced.

The series will launch on Monday, February 11th on Channel 4, at 9 pm. with three more episodes following each Monday night.

Famous and Fighting Crime will feature five celebrities as they join forces with a local police force to get an understanding of what it is like to volunteer on the job.

The C4 series gives a very real and almost brutal account of the life of police enforcers in the U.K.

Police operations within Britain rely on an army of 12,000 volunteers. These special constables have all the powers of a warranted officer, yet do the job in their spare time.

Five celebrities Penny, Katie Piper, Jamie Laing, Sandi Bogle and Marcus Brigstocke join forces with the Cambridge Constabulary unit to experience the life of a special constable, chucked into the deep end with everything from car crashes to bringing down criminals.

Fans of Penny can also watch out for something very special she will be working on with SMILER coming soon.

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