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July 21, 2017

Another night on the town with Marcy

"It's dirty hot like I like my women" Bristow, VA, Jiffy Lube live review By Marcy Braunstein

posted by Mike Walton

It was unbearably hot in Bristol, VA on Wednesday night at the Jiffy Lube Amphitheater when Rod with Cyndi Lauper put on another blockbuster show. The overwhelming heat throughout the the entire show was definitely the theme for the evening.

Rod broke the ice, so to speak, when he said with his mischievous schoolboy laugh "It's dirty hot like I like my women". Fans were placed all along the front of the stage and Rod asked for them to be adjusted at one point. The guys took off their jackets much later in the show than I would have. I don't know how any of the them performed the wonderfully energized show they did.

Although the heat had to affect the audience too it sure didn't affect their enthusiasm as they stood early on and clapped and yelled, held signs, and begged for more when the curtain came down. When Rod came out on stage he responded to the audience by saying he was really in a good mood and that it was going to be a good night.

Before Rod did "Love Is" he asked the audience to make him feel good by responding well to this new song. "Another Country" didn't do as well in the US as it did in the U.K. which I'll never understand. However he got a rousing response to it and seemed genuinely surprised and appreciative.

Before he sang "You're in my heart" he said "singing is good for your heart, it's good for your soul...and it's good for your hemorrhoids too". What a sense of humor he has!

Di Reed and the girls returned to a sizzling version of "Proud Mary" which I was so happy to see. Becka Susan did a refreshing and wonderful tap dancing routine as part of the ending of one of the songs highlighting the entire band.

Rod's longtime friend and collaborator, Kevin Savigar, continues to replace Chuck Kentis on keyboards while he heals from a broken wrist which he injured across the pond. It's so good to see them on the stage together again (maybe the first time since the 70's) and the chemistry between them.

I have to extend a note of heartfelt thanks to Rod and band members for their kindness and compassion in making this show a very special night for one particular fan who will never forget this one. You know what you all did!

With our second row center-stage seats it was easier to give more attention to the varied video screens. Lauper's videos overlaid her performance with different very creative backgrounds. Rod's video screens included a lot of photos of Rod at different stages of his career and clips of his family. One series of videos that I didn't quite understand was those during "Reason to Believe". Pictures of beautiful stained glass windows fill most of the song and then toward the end are what looks like multiple shots of archangels made of glass. It was beautiful; I just didn't understand the meaning behind it. Rod made mention of a sign he saw at least 20 rows back that a girl was holding up that read "Reason to Believe" and a picture of the album cover. I was impressed as I didn't know Rod could see that far back.

We are traveling to Bethel, NY for another "night on the town" for Friday night. The weather is supposed to cool off and I hope it does because I don't know if this old heart of mine can survive another night of dirty heat!

Review By Marcy Braunstein
Photos By Marcy Braunstein
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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