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July 14, 2017

Marcy's Nights on the town are back..

BB&T Pavilion Camden NJ, 12/7/17 Review By Marcy Braunstein

posted by Mike Walton

If girls just want to have fun then some guys have all the luck! Rod may be 72 and Lauper 64 but the theme for the evening was definitely Forever Young!

Cyndi Lauper is a perfect match to open for Rod as seen at the B B & T Amphitheater in Camden, New Jersey on a very hot evening on Wednesday, July 12th. The spiked and colored hair, her sense of fashion and playful stage antics rivals those of Rod's. Her distinctive voice is strong like Rod's after all these years. She did her entire set barefoot and jumped and lounged on the speakers like Rod used to do.

I don't agree with Lauper's politics but probably wouldn't agree with Rod's either if I knew more about them. I don't like when entertainers use their platform for politics and Lauper's only reference at this show was the mention of the politically-fueled signs up on the screen from the March on Washington DC.

Rod felt very comfortable when he invited her back on stage for a duet of "This Old Heart of Mine". It was obvious that she was easy for him to warm up to and embrace unlike the way it was with Stevie Nicks. They have wonderful chemistry and kindred spirits. It was good to see them perform together as promised in the promo for the tour.

I saw Lauper years ago when she opened for Cher when she was several months pregnant so I didn't realize how small she was.

"She Bop", "Time after Time" and "True Colors" are the staples Lauper couldn't leave out just like those of Rod's "Maggie May", "You Wear it well" and "You're in my heart".

Rod came out on the stage in the greatest of moods as though it was a Saturday night. He was tanned and slender and in really good shape. He wore three different outfits that ranged from the black, gray and white jacket and shirt with white slacks, to the Gold suit (that he announced "this is my gold suit) to the black pants with sequins and black shirt. Us ladies had a special treat during the sit-down when Rod pointed out that he had to undo his belt because his wardrobe person had belted it a notch too tight. Let me be first in line when the job of fastening Rod's belt opens up!

The set list was about the same as the other three shows with at least one exception: instead of "Don't Stop Me Now" he sang "Love Is". If there were other differences I can't recall as I usually don't when I see my first show of any given tour.

Rod asked everyone to sit down on our expensive seats during his sit-down which we all did except during Ooh-la-la when a lot of people stood and sang. Our front seats were indeed expensive and while we were sitting in them I thought of how the cost of our two seats combined equaled what my dear father lived on monthly on his fixed income. It helped a little that our Row B seats turned out to be front row because of how short Row A was but clearly we all pay way too much for the tickets.

Right before "Have I Told You Lately" Rod acknowledged that Conrad is from the area (actually Philly) and that his parents were there along with some friends and members of a band In which he was once a member. Rod highlighted Conrad very nicely and Conrad obliged by hamming it up and by even doing some moonwalking later.

Rod interacted with the audience quite a bit. There was a girl with a unique yellow Celtic long-sleeved shirt on that he called forward to get a closer look at and to be sure she got a soccer ball. He made sure my Dave got one too. He also singled out a guy who had a shirt with "Stewart 10" on it and asked the camera guy to put that and a miniature figure of Rod that he had up on the screen.

Other than I don't get the band's opening number "Soulfinger" and I think the ending encore of sorts "Enjoy Yourself" is awkward, I absolutely loved the show. We have three more shows on the road to see plus three in August in Vegas.

Review By Marcy Braunstein
Photos By Marcy Braunstein
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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