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July 20, 2017

Cara Has More Fun..

Wantagh, New York, Jones Beach Theater 18/7/17 Review By Cara Trombino

posted by Mike Walton

All I can say is what an excellent show tonight! The weather was perfect and I got to see Lori Register,Ruth,Joan,Barbara Holland,Madeline,Maureen,Mike & Jill, And I FINALLY got to meet Ian and Alison from the UK. I took my seat Orchestra Sec C Row F last seat on the aisle!

Cyndi Lauper came out at 7:50pm wearing a black hat,pink wig and holding a suitcase. First song was Funnel of Love then she took the wig off and sang She Bop. Then she did I Drove All Night. After that song a guy a few rows behind me called me over and said he had something for me. He said he was a member of SMILER and had the badge that I am looking for that I missed and wanted to mail me an extra one he had. He told me his e-mail address but I couldn’t write it down because I didn’t have a pen or paper handy. I think he said his name was Mark. So Mark when or if you read this please contact me! Anyway during this whole thing Cyndi is telling a funny story about being in a hotel in Tennessee and says “What would Dolly do?” she was describing there were roaches or bugs in the room where she was staying and Cyndi goes “I'll tell you what she would do she would get the F*** out of this hotel!” Next she sang the Skeeter Davis’ cover The End of the World. followed by Money Changes Everything,Time After Time, and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Next Cyndi sits down with an instrument on her lap and I was surprised she sang Rod’s song Sailing. but only sang a little bit of it. Next she sang True Colors and then the intermission started and the stage crew started setting up for Rod! Also I forgot to mention during Cyndi’s act Penny,Aiden and Sean walked near me and I waved to them and said hello and they waved back! They’re so sweet!!

FINALLY Rod came out at 9:00 and first song was Soul Finger performed by the back up girls, then they introduced Sir Rod Stewart! And he came out wearing a nice leopard print jacket with black shirt and black pants and he sang Infatuation. Next was Some Guys Have All the Luck and then Rod mentions This Old Heart of Mine that he recorded with Ron Isley and then he introduces Cyndi Lauper to sing it with him... I loved it! I find Rod & Cyndi go well together and have great chemistry together! Next was Tonight’s The Night and as soon as he started singing it my friend Kim threw a leopard print bra to him and he caught it! I was hysterical! Next he sang You Wear it Well. Rod saw me wearing my Celtic shirt and acknowledged me a few times! (LUV it when he does that!) Rod says “Good evening my friends!” and asks anyone drove in here from the city? A few people clapped and cheered he then asked “Anyone here local?” then me and a lot of other people cheered!” Rod then sang Forever Young and Aiden is brought out during the 2nd half of the song and Rod introduced him to the crowd when the song was over “This is Aiden my youngest son” Rod wanted him to say something but Aiden was too shy to say anything. Rod then joked “He blew it” (To be honest I was always shy to get on stage too when I was little so I know how Aiden feels.)

Rod introduced Rhythm of My Heart saying when he was born it was a scary time because it was nearing the end of the 2nd World War and this is dedicated to the soldiers and to those that served in the war. I held up my Scotland towel and Rod acknowledged it when he came over to my side. Next up was Young Turks (One of my top favorites) After that was Can’t Stop Me Now and before the song started Rod said this is dedicated to my dad because he stood by me when I was being turned down by record companies and producers because of my hair, nose and clothes and he was always telling me don’t give up stick with it. Towards the end of the song the big screen showed footage of Rod being knighted by Prince William and Rod and my mom said it made her teary eyed. It was so touching.

Rod then mentioned Tom Waits and wanted us to applaud him and then sang Downtown Train. Jimmy Roberts did his awesome saxophone solo while Rod goes and gets changed, Rod then came out wearing a nice hot pink suit while the stage crew gets seats set up for the acoustic set. Rod asked us all to sit down so we did. First was First Cut is the Deepest. After that was over a woman on the left (Rod’s right) side of the stage was trying to get his attention and is trying to talk to him about something. She said something about her wife being there. I didn’t quite understand what she was talking about.

Rod mentioned Ronnie Lane and the Faces and sang ooh la La, next up was Your in My Heart and Rod wanted us all to sing along for this and I take out my Celtic flag which he acknowledges and I’m having a ball. Next Rod mentions Van Morrison saying he’s a miserable person but Rod’s joking and said no he’s a good chap he just needs to cheer up and sings Have I Told You Lately. Then it's time for the back up girls sing Proud Mary while Rod goes and gets changed. He returned wearing a black and white jacket that looked like it was splattered with black ink. It looked very cool! Next up was Maggie May and then Stay With Me to when Rod kicks the balls out with help from his son Alastair. Next was Da Ya Think I’m Sexy and You will all get a kick out of this... during the song my friend Madeline had something big and red it looked like a red bag for soccer balls but it turned out to be some kind of red under pants but big! So she tosses it on stage. Madeline and Barbara had a fan that one of them wrote a message on it for someone to get their tattoo signed and I had my picture from the Faces reunion from 1986 with Rod,Ronnie Lane and Ron Wood. a guy in a black hat takes my picture along with Madeline’s fan hoping
Rod would sign them! Sadly he didn’t sign it but while he has the red underwear on the band is singing “what the F*** are these?” It was so funny!

Rod the band end the night with Enjoy Yourself and then the part I always hate and don’t look forward to is when the show is over! It was a very enjoyable evening the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I’m sad that this is the only Rod show I can attend this year. I am unable to do Vegas this year due to family issues and also I just am unable to go during the Labor Day weekend. I know Rod will be back next year in Vegas but this was definitely a very enjoyable evening. I got to meet Ian & Alison, and I got to see all my dear friends and best of all it did not rain!

Those of you that are going to the rest of the shows enjoy yourself and have a great time! I sure did!
Love you all Rod Rules!

Review By Cara Trombino
All Rod Photos By Deborah Buscarello
Photo of Cara And Lori Thanks to Lori Register
All other Photos By Deborah Buscarello
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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