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August 8, 2017

Now that's what I call a scarecrow..

Rod shows up at The Muston Scarecrow Festival

posted by Mike Walton

Visitors to this year's Muston Scarecrow Festival near Scarborough over the last couple of weeks might have spotted Rod stood proud singing away..well his scarecrow image

The Muston Scarecrow Festival this year ran from 29th July to 6th August and is an annual event that was started in 1999 when it was a great success after residents were invited to make scarecrows that for a fee of one pound they could enter into a competition with a small prize for the best effort. The scarecrows were placed out in the streets and visitors came and enjoyed them so much that word of mouth spread quickly pulling in even more visitors, each year the numbers of visitors to the village during the festival increases and it's existence is now known worldwide!

Stacy Dodd who made the amazing Rod scarecrow for this years competition told SMILER "Muston Scarecrow Festival is always well attended for such a small village and we raise money for village organisations"

Asked if she was a fan of Rod's Stacy said "I try and make a different rock star each year using singers and musicians that I like to listen to and watch..last year I did Prince and this year Rod".

Stacy's scarecrow was also a prize winner when the winning scarecrows results came in Rod came 4th !

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