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August 17, 2017

Final word from the tour

Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land Houston, TX 12/8/2017 Review by Brenda Csatlos and Patty Hull Gonzales

posted by Mike Walton

Brenda: The Rod Stewart and Cindi Lauper tour came to an end tonight at Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land Houston, Texas, after 17 dates plus a private concert in Boston We were not expecting anything different than any of the preceding reviews but Rod once again got his devoted fans up on their feet dancing to his classic songs like, Some guys have all the luck, Rhythm of my heart, Downtown train, and everyone's favorite, Maggie May.

The show was special for me as I was taking my 17 year old daughter Caryn to see her first Rod concert, asked for her thoughts for this final word on the tour Caryn said"He exceeded my expectation and it was so amazing to be apart of such a cool experience. Not many can say they've seen a real rock legend, but I get the great opportunity to say that I have and I wouldn't want to have seen it with anyone else."

Rod is known for many things like his blonde locks and his raspy voice. But Rods outfits always peak my curiosity. He sported a Vegas style jacket to start but got his Texas fans going when a fan threw a cowboy hat to Rod which he wore during two songs. Then he came out in a bright red "classic Rod" suit with bright yellow socks and shoes that he found much humor in because his pants were a bit too short for a true Rocker! He promised to take his trousers off and give them to a fan, which he later did.

I could go on for ever about my love for Sir Rod Stewart but to sum it up; this was the best night ever taking my daughter to see the best rock legend ever.... Sir Rod Stewart.

Patty: Rod really is a cheeky boy! The synergism between Rod, his musicians, and back up singers create a rocking good time! People talk of "triple threats," and to me, that's our Rod. He is a great singer, awesome songwriter, but even more he is an incredible entertainer! I've attended a lot of his concerts and at each one the stage background has exciting images flashing on the screens, the sets are first rate, and they're just loads of fun!

Sir Rod is just a consummate performer. He doesn't do a lot of talking/banter, yet he communicates with his audience. (just the right amount) Rod knows what his fans want and happily obliges! I've been a fan since I was 6 years old and my mom bought me my first album. Can you see a 6yr old running around the house singing Maggie May? lol ..I've been hooked on him ever since!

I've never been a Cyndi Lauper fan but after seeing her live, I now appreciate her talents too! There's just no other entertainer on the planet that will ever top Sir Rod in my eyes! Shout out to Conrad too!

Review By
Brenda Csatlos and
Patty Hull Gonzales
Photos By Patty Hull Gonzales
Montage By Tommy Kevitt

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